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For the vast majority, relationships had during high school and college years are essentially the stepping stones of cringe. Stepping stones which pave the way to a wiser, more developed you, but reserve the power to cause the mother of all embarrassing flashbacks and deliver a sort of nauseous anxiety. Kind of similar to the feelings you get when watching the scene below:

But maybe that's just me.

However, for a lucky few, a childhood sweetheart becomes a life long partner. They grow up together, change together, and know all there is to know about one another. It's a kind of love that is usually reserved for the movies, but the below 13 made it work IRL. Congrats, guys!

1. Snoop Dogg & Shante Broadus

Married: 18 years

Met: Snoop and Shante met while studying together at Polytechnic High School. They married in 1997 and have four children together: Corde "Spank" Calvin, Cordell "Lil Snoop," Cori, and Julian.

2. Samuel Jackson & LaTanya Richardson

Married: 36 years

Met: Jackson and Richardson met during college and have one daughter together, Zoe Jackson. Despite going through several rough patches, their love has endured.

"LaTanya has a great sense of humor, a great love of life and a great love of the people around her."

3. Mark Zuckerberg & Priscilla Chan

Married: 4 years

Met: The couple met in a line for the bathroom at a fraternity party during Zuckerberg's sophomore year at Harvard. They married in 2012 and welcomed their first baby, a daughter Maxima Chan, in December last year.

4. LeBron James & Savannah Brinson

Married: 3 years

Met: Long term couple LeBron James and Savannah Brinson finally tied the knot in 2013 after finding each other as teenagers while they studied at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School.

5. Elizabeth Banks & Max Handelman

Married: 12 years

Met: Banks and Handelman met on their very first day at the University of Pennsylvania and haven't looked back since! They now have two sons, Magnus and Felix.

6. Prince William & Kate Middleton

Married: 5 years

Met: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge met in 2002 while studying together at the University of St. Andrews. They now have two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

7. Chris O’Donnell & Caroline Fentress

Married: 19 years

Met: Chris O’Donnell and Caroline Fentress met while they were both studying at Boston College. They have five children, Lily Anne, Charles McHugh, Finley, Maeve Frances and Christopher Jr.

8. Timothy Olyphant & Alexis Knief

Married: 17 years

Met: The pair met at University of Southern California and now have three children together: Grace, Henry and Vivian.

9. Ron Howard & Cheryl Alley

Married: 41 years

Met: According to reports Ron and Cheryl spent so much time together while attending John Burroughs High School that their parents limited their hanging sessions to twice per week! They have four children, Paige, Reed, Jocelyn and Jurassic World actress Bryce Dallas Howard.

10. Jeff Daniels & Kathleen Treado

Married: 37 years

Met: This pair attended the same Michigan high school together and tied the knot a few years later, aged 24.

11. Rainn Wilson & Holiday Reinhorn

Married: 21 years

Met: Rainn and Holiday met each other back in the '80s when they were both taking acting classes at the University of Washington. They have one son, Wilson.

12. Julia Louis-Dreyfus & Brad Hall

Married: 29 years

Met: These two met while taking improv classes together at Northwestern University. They went on to appear on Saturday Night Live together until finally tying the knot in 1987. They have four kids: Lauren, Phoebe, Emma and Raphael.

13. LL Cool J and Simone Smith

Married: 21 years

Met: The ladies might love cool J, but there's only ever been one lady for James Todd Smith who met his childhood sweetheart aged 17, Simone Smith. They have four children, Nina, Najee, Italia and Samaria.

Source: Buzzfeed, Buzlie


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