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If you've read the Harry Potter books you'll know that the characters in the movies don't always match up to their book descriptions. This is completely normal of course, and the actors involved did a fantastic job. But we still would have liked to see a visualization of our favorite characters. Luckily for us the wonderful world of fan art exists! And this fan art is completely spot on.

Ron Weasley

Description: Fiery red hair and a freckled complexion. Fiery red hair, blue eyes and a long nose. Freckled complexion, tall and lanky.

Source: LMRourke

Hermione Granger

Description: Bushy brown hair, brown eyes and large front teeth.

Source: fridouw

Harry Potter

Description: Thin face, untidy jet-black hair and strikingly green, almond-shaped eyes.

Source: viria13

Severus Snape

Description: Greasy black hair, sallow skin, and a large, hooked nose.

Source: Vizen

Fleur Delacour

Description: Extremely beautiful because of her Veela-ancestry. Beautiful silvery-blonde hair that fell almost to her waist. Large blue eyes and fair skin.

Source: attkcherry

Ginny Weasley

Description: Very pretty. Flaming red hair, freckles and bright brown eyes.

Source: viria13

I definitely recommend checking out more Harry Potter fan art, there are some real gems out there waiting for you to appreciate them. Some of the best places to look are deviantART and tumblr, so get cracking!

Sources: attkcherry, Vizen, viria13, fridouw, LMRourke and viria13


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