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(Warning — potentially huge SPOILERS for Captain America: Civil War lie below — though since they're based on rumor, they're more theoretical than anything else. Proceed with whatever level of caution that suggests to you is wise...)

Now, with Captain America: Civil War's arrival on the big screen growing closer by the day (it's less than four months away now!) it's really not too surprising that what was once a slow trickle of potentially SPOILER-ific information about the film is rapidly growing into a steady stream.

The latest piece of (potentially) shocking news to emerge from the Interweb... is too much of a potential SPOILER to throw right at you. Here then is a picture of Cap with his top off. SPOILERS may lie below it!


It Seems Several Death Scenes Have Been Filmed For 'Captain America: Civil War'

According to Joe from That Hashtag Show, at least, it seems that the folks behind Captain America: Civil War have incorporated at least five — count 'em, five — heroic deaths into the movie. Or, rather, into the film's shoot.

The word is that in addition to a funeral scene for Peggy Carter and a (comic book Civil War mirror-ing but possibly red-herring-y) death scene for Cap himself...

We Might See More Than One Avenger Die

Death scenes have, apparently, been filmed for not only War Machine (who we saw get — at the very least — badly injured in a recent trailer), but for Falcon and Scarlet Witch too.

Now, of course, the chances of all three heroes dying seem vanishingly small, and it's entirely possible that the whole thing is part of an elaborate system of misdirection designed to make reliable leaks impossible — but that doesn't mean that part of the information couldn't be true.

If Civil War follows the pattern of Avengers: Age of Ultron, after all — for which death scenes for both Hawkeye and Quicksilver were filmed, to reduce the potential impact of spoilers — then it would seem likely that at least one of our heroes isn't going to make it out of the movie alive.

The big question now?

What do you think?



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