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Though we've had a couple of days to let it settle in our minds, the latest Suicide Squad trailer remains a marvel. It perfectly captures the tone of the comic book and seamlessly introduces characters some casual fans may not have met, which is no easy feat for a two and a half minute promo.

Suicide Squad is shaping up to be a defining turning point in the superhero slate from DC and Warner Bros. Leaving aside any personal, subjective opinions about DC or Marvel, when it comes down to a numbers game, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has carved out what seemed for years like an impenetrable fortress of hit movies and large profits.

With this one trailer, however, DC is coming into 2016 swinging. Suicide Squad has the mystery, the action, and, above all else, the humor that so many people are already eating up. It just goes to show that sometimes the worst heroes are actually the best. Here are all the dastardly Suicide Squad moments that point to a whole new kind of superhero movie

Harley keeping it dainty and reading a romance novel

Oh, and not just any old romance novel. Judging by the cover and the author's last name, that's got to be a Harlequin romance novel by Molly O'Keefe. Already an amazing little Easter egg that shows great attention to detail, which will hopefully carry all the way through the final product.

Any time is beer time for Captain Boomerang

Yeah, yeah, this might be an important mission that puts everyone's lives on the line, but you try being locked up for God know's how long and then pretend like you wouldn't be guzzling cans.

Honestly, I assumed Boomy was going to be my least favorite member of the squad, but that's just more of the beauty of the trailer. It's changing hearts and minds.

Also, don't put Boomy in a bag

He will come out swinging while embodying the perfect combination of crazy and hilarious.

This quick glimpse was reason enough to fall in love with Katana

If you can sell a character with mere seconds of footage, you are doing it right. In a hectic trailer filled with eye-catching moments, this one effect really stood out.

Origin stories don't always need entire movies

Based on what we've seen so far, it seems like Harley Quinn will be stealing the show when she finally gets her chance to shine on the big screen. Though this version of her origin story has drawn some ire, I'm pretty crazy about the Christian overtones here.

The Joker seems himself as something of savior for Dr. Harleen Quinzel, and that quick shot in the vat looks an awful lot like a Christening. With the colors that melt of the Joker's clothing form a heart around him and his beloved and presumably give that distinctive tint to her hair.

Like I said, Harley is going to be the Belle of the ball

And while she may not use the cartoon's voice, Margot Robbie is doing a brilliant job of capturing such a beloved character and bringing out all her kooky, sexy, unpredictably brilliant, and downright insane sides.

Just everything about Enchantress

The smoke. The split personality. The weirdness.

I already cannot get enough of this character, and Cara Delevingne has done a great job of getting me hooked on her. The dichotomy between her Julie Moon side and her "possessed by a witch" side is going to be such a blast to watch.

You'd be crazy not to watch it again

All in all, this new trailer just nails it on all fronts. While the first look gave us moody and brooding vibes, this one has the absurd, fast-paced, hilarious, and unrelenting Suicide Squad that we know and love. It's managed to take little-known comic book characters and make even the most detached audiences want to see them strut their stuff.

In short, Suicide Squad could be a landmark movie for DC and Warner Bros., and I can't wait to see that happen.


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