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Should we have a movie featuring Kid Vegeta or telling Vegeta’s back story?

I think we absolutely should have a movie like that. There are many logical reasons to have a movie featuring Kid Vegeta and that time.

Firstly, there is the fan demand. Vegeta is hands down one of the finest anime character ever. He is the 2nd most popular character in Dragon Ball obviously with Goku being the no.1. But, Vegeta gained his popularity way faster than even Goku. Being an evil turned good guy Vegeta always had that badassness that attracted everyone; a character like never seen before. Vegeta has a huge adult fanbase. While Goku has an entire series featuring his childhood we almost have nothing about Vegeta’s childhood and teenage time compared to that. So, Vegeta as a character deserves a solid back-story, his importance in the storyline as a character deserves it and most importantly the fans want it.

And I am not demanding it only because the fans want it or the character deserves it. But, it also can add a lot of value to the Dragon Ball franchise. Because, Akira Toriyama initially never had plans to stretch Dragon Ball this far, but he had to because of the demand. And now we have an entire new series. But, sometimes it feels as though the story lacks depth. You know currently Dragon Ball has a huge adult fan following and we like to discuss stuffs. Dragon Ball characters often get compared with the biggest of fictional characters of all times like Batman, Superman and so on. While those characters have a lot of back-stories, history and a lot written about it; Dragon Ball characters being where they are now lacks it. I mean Vegeta is an icon. He has even real life impact. For example, I started working out being inspired by Vegeta! That’s really something. And when you think about it we know only a little about his past. Not only about Vegeta I think we know only a little about the Saiyan race as a whole. The special ‘ Bardock: The Father Of Goku’ never appeared enough to me it only raised more and more questions and curiosity. The Saiyan race is the origin of almost all the main characters of the series and by no means can we say we got enough history about them.

Now, you might say what more is there to learn? We already know they were some weaklings who got fucked Frieza. The End!

Vegeta vs Saibamen
Vegeta vs Saibamen

Now, when I said there should be a movie featuring Kid Vegeta. It doesn’t necessarily mean the whole movie has to be about Vegeta only. Neither does it mean it has to be about the Saiyan’s only. Though, the saiyans back then were way weaker than now. They were extremely knowledgeable and were more exposed to universal matters. For example, King Vegeta knew The God of Destruction Beerus sama. We saw a scene where King Vegeta bows down to Beerus while Kid Vegeta watches it. You see here’s another thing to explore. We could see how these events affected Vegeta. And they can actually use this plot to let us know more about the gods of destruction, how they are elected. Hell, they can even tell us about the origins of Beerus and Whis if they are from some race or what are they really. Maybe King Vegeta could explain to someone why they can’t mess with him with the history. Or there could be a random narration with scenes. Not only can educate us about the gods of Dragon Ball Universe. But, we could also know about the legends and myths the saiyans always talked about.

We could hear about the legends of the super saiyans and what they thought about it. There were super saiyans earlier. Even recently we came to know that there was a Super Saiyan God long time ago. This means the Saiyan race were at its peak a long time ago. And King Vegeta’s Saiyan race was kind of the weak transformative class. We could know about them maybe certain peoples knew about the Super Saiyan God and they could brief us about its story and maybe leave an unclear hint of Saiyan’s achieving even more powers in the past then our current heroes. And what opponents they faced being a god. That would in turn excite us and make us more interested to watch super. They could also feature something about Frieza’s race and if there what’s there max potential.

I would love to know why King Vegeta actually commanded to kill Broly. I know they mentioned its because of his power. But, King Vegeta is someone with a lot of pride and he publicly declaring to kill a baby because it’s too powerful and might threat him someday appears a bit unusual. Now, Legendary Super Saiyan Broly was a prodigy to the saiyan race being born with a power level of 10,000. And I believe this is not the first time something like that happened I am guessing it happened in the history. It could be that it happened during the time first original super saiyan god and it could be that a properly brought up legendary super saiyan god had something to do with the destruction of that race. And maybe that’s why when King Vegeta abandoned him other Saiyan’s were not surprised. We could also see how was Vegeta’s reaction when he came to know about it later on.

Goku vs Legendary Super Saiyan Broly
Goku vs Legendary Super Saiyan Broly

Now, I know some people will be like ‘ Oh my god! Another Broly fanboy.’! This is different. Just because some people bring Broly everywhere, doesn’t mean I am going to change my views on it. Broly was a prodigy born with a legit power level and if he wasn’t stabbed as a baby, controlled by a retard all the time. And was instead trained like Goku or Vegeta. It’s only natural that he might have surpassed Goku and Vegeta. And now since in Dragon Ball Super we already have a new Saiyan planet of Kabe. Which Vegeta is interested to visit! There could also be new type of Saiyan’s just to spice things up. Yes, there could be a legendary super saiyan who was trained properly and have a different form of transformation. Or there could just be a saiyan with different form of transformation. That I would prefer than seeing another Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan. And the movie can hint to that by stating something like ... Saiyan defeated the original SSJ God. And then when we could wait to see that type of Saiyan in Universe 6. Also I would like to see what stand they would take on Bardock and if there is any mention of a lord getting killed at planet plant by Super Saiyan.

And off-course there should be the very important personality description of Vegeta. His speech to Goku during the battle with Frieza indicates how circumstances made him so ruthless. So, I would like to see if he had goodness in him at some point. And maybe because he wasn’t ruthless enough at some point he lost something, maybe a battle or maybe he lost something he loved like a good friend or something. Then he becomes absolutely merciless and tough going around killing everyone. I think it would be good to watch. Also things like how Vegeta reacted to his father bowing down to Beerus, getting killed by Frieza and how he actually held himself back from attempting suicidal attacks.

There’s one more concern that would it be interesting to see weak Saiyans from back then? I mean we see battles of universal busters now. Like, I mentioned earlier there will be a lot of explanations about the past Saiyan race and Gods of Destruction which could naturally feature strong and epic scenes. Besides, Kid Vegeta was as strong or stronger than Z fighters at Saiyan so he had good ki attacks and everything that would be interesting enough.

So, here this has the fan demand, can add value to the story and Vegeta as a character deserves it.

What do you think? Would love to see a movie made about Kid Vegeta? Bless the comment box with your opinion.

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