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2016 is truly gonna be the year of the superhero movie, but we're going to see something different than before. Suicide Squad already looks like one of the best superhero movies of all time. I mean, it's a bunch of antiheroes and villains f*cking shit up! What's not to love?

The second trailer dropped yesterday and it has us seriously, seriously hyped. But along with the thrills and toxic spills there's also a lot of plot hints buried in the footage... can you spot them?

After the first trailer highlighted the dark, psychological thriller aspect of the film, this trailer is far more upbeat. It proves that while Suicide Squad will definitely challenge our concepts of morality, it's also gonna be crazy fun (emphasis on the crazy). So what plot clues have we managed to dig up?

It Looks Like Enchantress Is The Villain

The rumors are probably true... This trailer seems to suggest that Enchantress is actually the "insuperable entity" Task Force X are formed to take down. For one thing, she is yet again excluded from all group shots of Task Force X, but there are even more hints lurking in the background. There's a part in the trailer where the Squad is being described by Rick Flag...

"Deadshot: guy who shoots people. He's a crocodile and he eats people. Burns people... And you're possessed by a witch."

The "possessed by a witch" statement seems to be addressed to Enchantress herself. And check this out: she's actually with Rick in this scene.

They're probably sleeping together tbh.
They're probably sleeping together tbh.

The woman in the glasses? That's Cara Delevingne a.k.a. June Moon a.k.a. Enchantress. This scene definitely takes place after her possession, so the glasses seem to be a disguise. But why is this scene important? Notice the documents that Rick Flag is holding: they're prisoner transfer requests.

This scene seems to take place before the characters have become Task Force X. Rick Flag might be a member of the Squad but he's also Waller's plant: he's there to make sure they don't do anything super evil like steal a sparkly purse...

"The hell is wrong with you people?"
"The hell is wrong with you people?"

Anyway, back to the prisoner movement forms. It looks like this scene with Flag and Enchantress occurs in a government building where Flag works. This hints that Enchantress has infiltrated the White House, and a far bigger conspiracy is afoot...

Pulling The Strings

So we already know that Amanda Waller is an epic puppet master, sending in the expendable Task Force X to do her dirty work. Now it seems that Enchantress is playing a similar puppet master role, as she controls some of the most powerful people on the planet.

How do we know this? Check out the background of this scene: that seems to be the Whitehouse logo on the screen...

Enchantress has big plans...
Enchantress has big plans...

Enchantress might be planning some kind of epic worldwide destruction, if Deadshot's line from the first trailer is anything to go by...

"Let's go save the world."

So does Amanda Waller know Enchantress' secret plan? Is Waller trying to unravel a web of political conspiracy? Maybe not, considering Enchantress is probably using the Tattooed Man as a distraction to divert attention away from her mission...

Wait, Who's The Tattooed Man?

Ever since his part in the film was announced, people have been wondering just who rapper Common is playing in Suicide Squad. And it looks like we got our first glimpse of him in the trailer as the Tattooed Man, a powerful villain who can manipulate his tattoos to become tangible entities.

Common as the Tattooed Man in Suicide Squad
Common as the Tattooed Man in Suicide Squad

He's shown destroying a train, and later on we see the Squad enter this subway station and survey more of the Tattooed Man's destruction. Maybe Enchantress is using him to do her own dirty work, and while Amanda Waller may suspect something bigger is going on, she sends Task Force X after the Tattooed Man.

Probably. Maybe. There's definitely a strange timeline of events, and the plot just gets more complicated when we notice Harley Quinn's... hair?

There's Something Strange About Harley

So let's talk about that scene with Joker and Harley Quinn in the vat of acid. At first glance it's easy to assume that this is part of her origin story, as it was in the New 52 comic books, but take a closer look...

Joker... saving Harley Quinn?
Joker... saving Harley Quinn?

That's her hair dye seeping out around them, so this scene must take place after she's become a villain. Just before this, we see Joker chuck away his guns and jump dramatically into the acid vat — is he saving her life?

Joker's role in the film is definitely ambiguous. He rivals Enchantress to be the film's main villain, but from what we've seen it looks like he's more of a wild card. He's definitely instrumental in Harley Quinn's origin story, and this trailer hints that he will return to wreak havoc again.

Jared Leto's got the laugh down.
Jared Leto's got the laugh down.

Everything's still very mysterious at this point, but my money's on a few things...

  • Enchantress is secretly planning some kind of world-ending evil deed.
  • Joker will be present throughout to fuck shit up in his own special way.
  • He also might save Harley Quinn's life.
  • Waller's hoping Task Force X kill themselves while completing the mission.

Of course there's even more of the trailer to decode, so let us know in the comments if we missed anything!


Who do you think is the villain?


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