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Since the release date of Kingdom Hearts in 2002, Square Enix have gradually included some of the most beloved Disney movies into the franchise. Some have only had characters extracted from their films, while others have had entire worlds dedicated to their magic.

The image below, brought to us by redditor Elfdemon, shows us all of the individual Disney movies that have had worlds of their own. They've also included the films that have been announced for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3. This image is the perfect launch platform for a discussion about what's to come in Kingdom Hearts 3. What Disney worlds deserve to be added to this list?

Disney Worlds Abound - Where Will Kingdom Hearts 3 Take Us?

Disney magic
Disney magic

We'd like to even this image out. So let's consider 4 Disney films that could fill in the gaps at the bottom. Which 4 films deserve a world in Kingdom Hearts 3 more than any other in your opinion? Well, here are our choices (we're not taking into account Pixar Movies here, just classic Disney):

  • The Jungle Book - This enchanting film has been overlooked by the Kingdom Hearts series. The Indian jungle setting would be perfect for the stunning graphics of KH3, and to see it populated with some of Disney's most beloved characters sounds awesome. Do you want The Jungle Book too?
  • Frozen - Frozen took the world by storm and has become one of Disney's most popular films. With its snow-covered landscapes and memorable locations, this seems like an obvious choice for a new world in Kingdom Hearts 3.
  • The Emperor's New Groove - I don't know about you guys, but I adore this film. It's hilarious, well acted, and in terms of location, the wilds of Peru aren't exactly an ugly backdrop for a video game.
  • Wreck-It Ralph - Think of how meta things could get with Wreck-It Ralph as a world in Kingdom Hearts. We could venture into the heart of game design and meet with some of the most famous characters from gaming history.
Kingdom Hearts 3
Kingdom Hearts 3

As an exercise, we'd also like to see which Pixar films you'd select to have their own worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3. However, you can only pick two:

  • Monster's Inc. - Dropping into Pixar's world of monsters could offer up some pretty hilarious sequences in Kingdom Hearts 3. Think of being able to open doors and enter the bedrooms of the real world, while simultaneously exploring the city of Monstropolis.
  • Wall-E - Naturally I'm going to include my favorite Pixar film. I adore Wall-E, but the chance to explore space or an uninhabited Earth is something that surely anyone would be up for, regardless of their love for this little guy!

What about you guys? What would you choose for Kingdom Hearts 3? Let us know in the comments!


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