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Southbound, a horrific new anthology movie from the minds that brought you V/H/S follows five intersecting tales of terror, all of them equally unsettling.

This brand new trailer for the collaboration provides a taste of what to expect from each macabre yarn:

Uniting these episodic tales of woe is a distinctly Lynchian obsession with eerie dream-like highways. But, as the poster warns: No matter which road you choose, it's all going south.

Scroll down for a more detailed look at each of Southbound's five disturbing stories...

The Way Out

Bloody and beaten, Mitch and Jack are on the run from a past they can’t escape—and a mysterious creature hunting them from afar.


When The White Tight’s tour van breaks down, lead singer Sadie seems to be the only one wary of the kindness of strangers—especially when they seem to know more about the band’s past than humanly possible.

The Accident

At fault after a brutal car accident, Lucas must do everything in his power to save the life of a woman he doesn’t know.


Danny has been searching for his sister Jesse for over a decade. When he finally finds her in a bar on the outskirts of hell the reunion isn’t as happy as he’d hoped for, and maybe some people aren’t meant to be found.

The Way In

When a group of masked men interrupt a family’s last vacation together before daughter Jem goes off to college, all hell breaks loose.

Southbound is set for a limited theatrical run starting February 5th, then heading to VOD services on February 9th. Just in time for some Valentine's day frights!

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