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As we get closer to the May 2017 release of the highly anticipated Guardians of the Galaxy sequel, news about potential new characters and casting rumors keep popping up. A report from Geek says that one of the strangest characters may be showing his giant face in the movie.

If the report holds true, then we may find the team up against Ego, the Living Planet, in [Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2](tag:1081113). This would be the first appearance for the character and Marvel Cinematic Universe property, even though Ego has a long history in the comics with our favorite Norse God of Thunder, Thor.

Ego's 'life' began as most planets do - as a collection of dust and cosmic gases accumulating over millions of years. Then a mysterious, super-powered space wizard called, the Stranger, gives the planet consciousness. If that isn't odd enough, the Stranger also gave consciousness to a second planet, called it Alter Ego and gave him to the Collector in the hopes that one day his two creations would face off to determine which is stronger.

Through Ego's time in the comics, he has crossed paths with Thor, the Fantastic Four, Professor X, Thanos, Iron Man, Silver Surfer and even Rocket Raccoon.

His history, should he appear in the movie, gives James Gunn a lot of directions that they could go with Ego. I'm inclined to think that they will bring Ego into the movie as a minor foe in the film. If Gunn can bring to life a talking Raccoon and a semi-talking tree then Ego should be in good hands.


Are you ready to see Ego on the big screen?


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