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We all know her as the fierce fashionista badass Johanna of The Hunger Games fame, but now Jena Malone is stepping into a more maternal role as the 31-year-old has announced her first pregnancy on Instagram.

Malone shared the softly lit photo of her bathing in the glory of nature below to break the news to her fans.

The peaceful snap was accompanied with a heartfelt text about her joy at the wonder of creating a new life and following in the footsteps of the women before them, she wrote:

"Womb to womb

To beating wing

I climbed out of the eternal

And into the shape of me

Some words I wrote years ago when I was thinking about my own mother. And the woman she was when she had me. And the woman I was reaching to become. The shape your desires make out of you. The body you become to hold your dreams. It's with two feet firmly on the ground and a heart swelling in an ocean of love that I'd like to share the new shape I am becoming to hold the greatest dream of them all. ."

Jena is expecting her first baby with musician Ethan DeLorenzo who she has been dating for over a year:


(Source: Instagram)


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