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She directed our attention

Some days ago the enchanting and always talented Jada Pinkett Smith posted a video seemingly dedicated to her angst over the lack of appreciation of the contributions of people of color to the industry in Hollywood. Her angst and planned boycott in summary: For the second year in a row, the Academy Awards has chosen not to nominate a person of color for a statue: OSCAR. As I watched her, I surmised the production of the chat/post/ was not planned but spontaneous. Her regalia while poised also featured an odd pillow placed akimbo in the frame. This gave the impression that there was little effort put into the recording. Not all an analysis of what a woman has to state has to be weighed by her appearance while making it, yet since she is an actor who has directed as well, I wondered if this queen of cinema was as down to earth as she seemed in the video.

Based on the response that came from Rapper Snoop Dog, a reply shared on my timeline by Frazier Pickens my reading of her regalia was on point. Snoop (now going by his given name, Calvin Broadus) wanted to bring down to street terms what he thought Pickett had kept dignified. However other responses came from a female actor who felt the post was annoying. That actor Janet Hubert was not impressed given her critique of both Will Smith (husband and fellow actor) as well as Pickett stature, she retorted that the couple not only neglected to share the spoils of their fortunes by engaging in "up-liftment" but that the cry is self serving.

I share the source of my information:

It was Hubert's interview that gave voice to my reservations because all too often I suspect for the most part that all too often the cries for the benefactors of the struggles of the civil rights era (the majority of common folk) are often silenced by the raucous issues created by the more famous ones. Beginning with Jesse Jackson

and down the line to some of the rich and powerful who the media rely run to for sound bites on BLACK issues. I have long suspected there is often more class consciousness than racial. Therefore, I remain a fan of Jada Pinkett Smith. I can excuse her boycott of the Academy 2016 as a personal affront. Weather her motivations were instigated by the Academy's refusal to acknowledge her husband's recent movie ( a movie I look forward to watching)

or it was because she is sick and tired of being sick and tired. I applaud her for her many contributions to us for remaining both regal and talented in her issuance. I also look forward to the discussions on a street level as Snoop so eloquently put in profane terminology. When I think back on the matter....Damn.. STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON got no love from the Academy?

One tendency the greater American people tend to ask is (often in exhaust) is "what now..what are Black whining about now." Its one among many responses to our often polarized society. If the question were put to me, I would reply.... see this>


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