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Netflix will now take serious actions to stop VPN use for accessing regional content.

Netflix Inc. is finally taking actions against users who use VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) to access its services. The company does not appreciate geo-dodging tricks and wants to put a stop to it. In recent days, tech analysts have questioned internet TV provider several times regarding its power to stop the viewers from using such means to access other regional content.

Sources suggest that Netflix has announced a crackdown against such members. The firm stated that soon members would only be able to access content designed for their region only. It was against the support of geo dodging tricks and the use of VPNs for a very long time.

Recently, the Australian users started to use either of the following means just to get their hands on the US content of the company to stream. As it is known that more than 340,000 people subscribed to the streaming giant prior to its official launch, geo dodging became one of the major issues that hampered its progress.

The vice president of content delivery architecture at Netflix, David Fullager, wrote in a blog post that in ‘coming days’, his company would be putting a complete ban on VPNs. This means that the customers will only be allowed to view content and titles available for their region only. The streaming service provider has the power to stop all and it is finally doing so.

Fullager so far has not revealed the information regarding the technology that will be used in order to stop the use of VPNs, proxy, and ‘unblockers’. Following the announcement by David Fullager, the chief product officer of Netflix, Neil Hunt, told the audience at the CES 2016 in Las Vegas that he would be using ‘industry standard technologies’ which will help Netflix to limit VPN use.

He added, “Since the goal of the proxy guys is to hide the source, it’s not obvious how to make that work well. It’s likely to always be a cat-and-mouse game. [We] continue to rely on blacklists of VPN exit points maintained by companies that make it their job. Once [VPN providers] are on the blacklist, it’s trivial for them to move to a new IP address and evade.”

Netflix is currently residing in 190 countries and has expanded massively so that customers across the globe get a fair share of online video content services legally. This aims to resolve the geo-dodging issue as well.


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