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Academy Award winning screenwriting duo Dean Pelton and Nat Faxon are teaming up again to create a horror slasher movie with a difference.

Pelton and Faxon are perhaps known more commonly for their acting roles. However, their biggest success was winning an Oscar for the screenplay of The Descendents (2011). The pair also wrote and directed acclaimed The Way, Way Back (2013).

Dead Mall will be based in, well, a dead mall. There are many abandoned malls around America. Their labyrinth layouts are ideal for the type of serial killing maniac you'd expect to see in such a film.

"Enough Brainpower To Escape"

The writers won an Oscar for The Descendants
The writers won an Oscar for The Descendants

The story will be in safe hands if the duo's track history is anything to go by, and from the synopsis the film (which is a comedy) we can glean it will also be incredibly self-aware. According to Deadline, the idea the two pitched is as follows:

"The comedy concerns an ensemble of 40-year old guys and girls, seemingly with enough brainpower to escape a slasher film-quality killer, but maybe not."

With the creative quality of Pelton and Faxon writing and directing the movie, the prospect is an exciting one; some of the best slashers are tongue in cheek, and use cinematic clichés for comedic effect.

The movie is still in early stages, but the pitch has been picked up by 20th Century Fox.

Source: Deadline


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