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Mythical creatures come in all shapes and sizes depending on where in the world you are. Scandinavia have trolls, Europe have fairies and recently there has been a surge of You Tube videos circulating the internet of a little goblin-like creature that's been scaring the crap out of kids in Latin America. Introducing the Duende.

The strange little creature apparently enjoys the warmer climates of Latin America and the Philippines, and although he seems scary shuffling around in the shadows is said by some to be a pretty helpful little guy.

Legend has it that if you lost your way in the woods, a Duende would show himself to help you find your way home.

However some tales in Southwest America paint a slightly darker picture of the little crytid, claiming that he lingers around children hoping to take their discarded toenails or maybe even a toe! And some darker still claim he barters with young mothers for unwanted babies so he can feast on human flesh.

Stories of the little trouble-maker have been making quite the impression on Latin American kids who have been uploading bad quality videos and pictures of apparent Duende sightings any chance they get.

Real or fake, the videos are pretty creepy and should inspire us all to keep our toenails well trimmed.

For now lets just hope that these mystical creatures aren't as fouled mouthed and blood thirsty as leprechauns.

Sources: Week In Weird, You Tube.


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