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(Warning - the following article, and in particular the included trailer, contains content from the forthcoming sixth season of The Venture Brothers. SPOILERS will inevitably abound, so proceed with whatever level of caution seems wise...)

Good news, Venture fans! Not only is The Venture Brothers Season 6 set to debut on Adult Swim in just 10 short days (set your calendars for January 31, gang), but the show's latest trailer teases a whole new world of adventure for the imbecilic adventurers.

One that, it seems, is going to take a giant leap in the direction of a certain superheroic cinematic universe. That's right:

'The Venture Brothers' is Going Marvel-ish For Season 6

With obvious highlights set to include...

A Makeshift Team of Avengers-Like Superheroes

Though, in fairness, they're arguably as much Justice League as they are Marvel's 'A'-Listers.

A Good Ol' Fashioned Kingpin Analog

Which actually marks a step up for the villain - finally a target of parody outside of comic books.

Brock Joining a S.H.I.E.L.D.-Like Agency

Which makes so much sense, somehow.

And, of course...

Some Magnificently Terrible Character Names

The Fallen Archer, indeed.

But then again, who'd want The Venture Brothers to be any other way?

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