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Khloe's new show, Kocktails With Khloe, featured little sis Kendall Jenner on its latest episode. The two sisters put their prankster hats on and thought it would be a good idea to prank phone big sister Kim, with Kendall dropping the fake pregnancy bomb.

Kendall was super convincing and pulled off a really good performance, actually. You could tell that Kim was buying it.

Psst.. it ain't real.
Psst.. it ain't real.

Kendall opened up with the concerning:

“I was calling to tell you something I haven’t told anyone yet because I feel like you could help me figure what I should do, but I… am… pregnant, [...] [w]hat should I do?"

Kim's immediate reaction was total disbelief:

“Are you kidding? Are you calling looking for mom?”

Kendall werked it, replying with:

"I didn’t know who to tell first and I felt like if I told mom she would freak out, so I was coming to you for support first.”

Kim, who has two young babies to deal with and only one hour of sleep to run off that day went into her own problems:

“Today is not the day because I would literally be a little more negative because I’m on like one hour of sleep because North was up all night and I was feeding [Saint] every two seconds. Literally, my day has been like so crazy, and I’ve had no sleep, and I wanna like die.”

She also teased her pseudo-preggers sister:

“I’ll bring my 30 kids and you can babysit for two seconds and see how you feel.”

At this point Khloe interjects and reveals that Kim is on her show via the phone and it was all one big sigh-worthy prank.


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