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Varia Fedko-Blake

Following on from the unbelievable news that one devoted fan had somehow managed to bag her dream man in the form of the super-babe Disney star Jake T. Austin, it seems that another A-lister has cozied up to a loyal admirer.

Yep, our very own Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted giving a fan a smooch on the cheek and a hug while out and about in Rome last Friday.

As the story goes, The Revenant actor received a hand-written letter from a fan and decided to thank her by giving her a rustle with his million-dollar beard and probably a whiff of his very expensive cologne. Jealous much? I know I am.

Thankfully, we're in luck because clearly getting close and personal with stalkers is all the rage these days in the celebrity world. And while we wait patiently for our very own piece of DiCaprio, you might as well catch him in The Revenant ahead of the Academy Awards in late February:



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