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This is just incredible!

Australian-based Ash Clements, also known as pastelpegasus, has an Instagram account full of amazing make-up looks and bodypaints, and this girl has some serious talent! Going through her images, I can't help but feel that if Tim Burton and a comic book had a baby it would look something like this. Well, let's not wait any longer — here are some of our characters shown through the medium of make-up.

Billy the Puppet

It's suddenly more inviting to play a game now — Ash has done a fantastic job portraying this iconic Saw character.

Miss Argentina

Miss Argentina is a Beetlejuice babe, and it's no accident that Ash looks this amazing as her — she is a total babe, too!


Chucky is possibly one of the most disturbing horror characters of all times, yet Ash somehow manages to make him look cute. What a doll!

Poison Ivy

Move over Uma Thurman, there's a new botanic queen in town!

Snow White

It does make sense, Snow White kind of died and came back to life after all.


One word: meow!


She's a ghost with the most, babe!

The Joker and Harley Quinn

"We're bad guys, it's what we do!"

Twisty the Clown

American Horror Story's creepiest clown has never looked better.

If you want to see more of her work I highly recommend you go check out pastelpegasus on Instagram, her account is really full of amazing work.

Source: pastelpegasus


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