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At the moment there are over 20 licensed properties that have been brought to plastic life in the form of a Lego video game. We've seen Marvel, Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings Franchise, Harry Potter, DC, LEGO The Hobbit, and even Pirates of the Caribbean join the foray. But who else deserves their own Lego game?

Next on the list is [Lego Marvel's Avengers](tag:3645730), which we sincerely hope lives up to the fantastic Lego Marvel Super Heroes from 2013. But if we're to look into the future and decide which IP out there deserved to enter the Lego spotlight, where would you direct its attention?

After Lego Marvel's Avengers, Where Should We Go?

Lego Marvel's Avengers
Lego Marvel's Avengers

The thing is, Marvel's Avengers is going to offer up tons of gameplay variations. We have the power and speed of Captain America, the powers of hammer-wielding and flight with Thor, and the devastating might of The Hulk, what other franchise can offer such a range of gameplay mechanics? If they can't match the power of The Avengers, what can they realistically bring to the table to keep us all captivated?

Alien & Predator

Though not exactly child-friendly franchises, the Alien and Predator films are a fantastic source for video games (I'll refrain from offering my opinion of the Alien vs Predator movies). Imagine how great a Lego Alien and Predator would look as they hunt down humans, ripping their Lego limbs off...or the other way around of course!


The Matrix

Slow motion combat in Lego form. Oh, yes! We could also have sections in the real world as Neo and his gang are chased by those robotic ships. The Matrix trilogy has a lot to draw from when it comes to narrative and gameplay potential. But does it deserve a spot on the list of best franchises for this IP?

James Bond

Personally, I'd just love to see a Lego game where all of the actors who've played James Bond in the past have to come together in Lego form to take down all of the biggest villains the franchise has ever seen. Can someone make that happen, as the Lego James' fight over who gets to order the first martini? Thank you.

Pew pew.
Pew pew.

Toy Story...Wall-E...Finding Nemo...All Of Them?

Can we just have all of the Pixar Movies in one place please? Or come up with an idea where each game has two of the franchises clash with one another. Like an adventure where the characters of Toy Story have to go across the galaxy to help Wall-E bring back all of mankind. That'd make me happy. What about you?


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