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Since the debut of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in Dec. 2015, reviewers and fans alike have debated and tried to discern where this nw generation of the famous franchise might be headed. But, one of the most pondered questions has been, “Who exactly is Rey?”

The character Rey was brought to life by actress Daisy Ridley, who delivered one of the best performances in the film. But the character’s orphan origins and seemingly extreme connection to the force left most movie goers with far more questions than answers.

While many fans have speculated that Rey may be an amalgamation of former extended universe Skywalker characters, like the daughter of Han Solo and now General Leia or perhaps a daughter of Luke Skywalker, some have diverged completely from the established work and speculated that Rey might somehow be a granddaughter of Jedi great Obi-Wan Kenobi.

In January, 2016, at Magic City Comic Con in Miami Florida, celebrity writer and author Peter J. Wacks, who while having never written in the Star Wars universe himself, does write consistently with Star Wars extended universe author Kevin J. Anderson, and publishes through Anderson’s Wordfire Press Inc., dropped the proverbial mic, when he announced his own shocking theory.

“Here is it,” he told con attendees as he gave an interview with web talk interview series Hangin’ With, “Spoiler Alert everyone, Rey’s last name…”

As the host of the show and interviewer, I sat up in my chair and waited with baited breath at what the fiction artist who penned the first ever science fiction time-travel story to both break the ancient Aristotle story telling model, and still meet it’s criteria, with his novel The Second Paradigm, laid out a case for this shocker.

“Rey Palpatine,” the prolific author explained. “It makes sense. She’s always angry, she’s a natural with the force, her saber fighting style is the same. If the Skywalker family can fall to the dark side,” Wacks asked, “why can’t a Palpatine come to the light side.”

Peter Wacks admitted that his longtime writing companion and publisher was quick to poke holes in his theory, but the two made it a sporting disagreement.

“Well, he (Kevin J. Anderson) pointed out how that wasn’t true, or likely and I said, well your stuff doesn’t count any more though, does it.”

While the debate was purely speculation and all in good fun, Peter did point out that he thought that if Rey was a Skywalker, the story would end up being overly dynastic, and referring to director J.J. Abrams, who launched the latest trilogy with his direction of Episode VII, before handing it off to others for episodes VIII and IX, Wacks said, “It would be as if this galaxy was all about the Skywalker family. It would make it a more dynastic tale, and I just don’t see J.J. taking it there.”

When one stops for a moment to think about the popular franchise and it’s ongoing rhyme and meter, in action as well as theme, redemption is a large part of the story, making Wacks’ theory as likely as any other.

It remains to be seen if Wacks’ theory with come true or be relegated to the heap of those speculations that never came to pass.

Click above to watch the complete Hangin' With Peter J. Wacks interview, and hear Peter drop his bombshell theory in its entirety.


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