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If you saw season 4 episode 10 of Arrow, you saw that Felicity will stay alive. The show was really being a douche for making us wait so long to know, but it really drew attention to the show. If you saw this episode, then you also know that when Felicity was shot, she was on the verged of death. But then 'the doctor' who preformed surgery gave terrible news. That she will never be able to walk again. But now you wonder, who is in the grave?

There are multiple things that can happen and multiple people who could be in the grave, here are a few:

  • Roy - I would hate to see this happen, Roy is my favorite character in the show. But there is a reason behind this theory. Arrow writers have told us that Roy will be coming back into the show, but maybe he would only be here to fight Damian Dhark. It is possible because maybe the show wants to take him out for good, because recently his movie career is growing a lot. It could happen, but it would devastate so many fans. The reason that this might not happen is because literally one of the last times we saw Roy, he left because he was presumed dead.
  • Mrs. Smoak - This could be happening for a couple of reasons. When Oliver walks back into the car, Felictiy is extremely mad and says, "You need to kill the son of a bitch that did this." She was furious. Something that we have never seen from her. Now this evidence kinda contradicts itself because she would also be pissed off if it was John, Thea, Laurel, or anyone else. But another reason that this can happen is because Felicity's dad is coming into the show and why else would he come? He can come because Felicity is in a wheelchair, but that is just what the shows wants us to think. But what would be Dharks reason for killing her.
  • John Diggle or his brother - I put these two together because there is not much evidence for each of them, and they are brothers. John could die also because of Felicity's rage. Felicity and John have always been like brother and sister, and if Dhark killed him, then she would go ape shit. Andy Diggle (John's brother) could die simply because he traded Dhark and gave up his location. John would be furious and Felicity would feel for him. But I don't think that this would open up this rage.
  • Thea - Backing up, in the first episode, Barry missed the funeral, Barry and Thea do not have a big relationship, so this can show why possibly he might miss her funeral. Thea has had a hunger for killing and when it returns, she may go after Dhark and he could easily kill her.

I understand that there are more people, but these are the people that it is most likely to happen to.


Who do you think will die at the end of season 4?


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