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Nintendo's flagship handheld consoles have had the most interesting of aesthetic changes over their almost 30-year-long lifespan. They've gone from quintessentially '90s bulky grey plastics to weird pant shaped pocket boxes (GBA), to 3D, dual screen badassery and who-knows-what when the NX is finally unveiled.

But there was one particular iteration of the Game Boy that deserves a seat at nostalgia's table, a console as cute as it is majestic and that is the oft-forgotten Game Boy Micro.

Game Boy Micro NES Edition
Game Boy Micro NES Edition

Photo by Arturo Martín

Though it was, funnily enough, pretty damn small — almost too small to use — the Micro was a thing of beauty. I mean, look at it in all of its Game & Watch homaging glory.

If you're like me and never managed to get your hands on one of these, if you have an old Nintendo DS — lying about broken or simply unloved — you may be in luck.

The Game Boy Macro

Oh hai!
Oh hai!

Nimble fingered modder Anthony Thomas will take your old DS, irrespective of shape and size, and tear the thing apart! Transforming the once groundbreaking handheld into the Game Boy Macro, the bulkier sibling of the Game Boy that was picked on in class.

Thomas starts by ripping off the top screen and moving the speakers, then gives your DS a bit of a scrub and a new lick of paint and finishes up with something truly unique and really, really cool.

Here, use your eyes and see for yourself:

Amazing right? If you like what you see, get over to Andrew Thomas's page and send in your old DS for a new lease of life. Might as well!

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