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When Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege was announced, I was extremely doubtful. Im usually not a huge fan of tactical shooters, apart from the occasional round or two of Counter Strike: GO. I'm extremely happy to say, however, that Rainbow Six: Siege has crushed any doubts I ever had, and is currently one of my most played games.

Let's get to the question many people are asking. What exactly is Rainbow Six: Siege? In short, it is a tactical first person shooter, where team work is necessary for victory. Each player must choose a character, called an Operator, and either defend or breach into houses, warehouses, shipping yards, and airplanes to eliminate all enemy players, defuse the bomb, rescue the hostage, or hold down a specific room.

Operators are fun and distinct, and each has their own weapons, gadgets, explosives, and items to complete the job. There are 2 teams, attackers and defenders. Each team has their own Operators unique to their team. Teams alternate every round, so players get plenty of chances to use each and every Operator. My personal favorite attacking character is Ash, a member of the United States SWAT who has a grenade launcher to blow up doorways, windows, walls, and ceilings from a distance.

There are currently 20 Operators to choose from, 10 for each team, with 8 more coming as free DLC. Each is from a different location around the world. These locations include the United States SWAT, the French GIGN, the British SAS, the Russian Spetsnaz, and the German GSG 9, with more to come from future Operators.

The game boasts 11 maps with 8 more planned as free DLC. Each map has its own Day and Night time variants. My personal favorite is House, which is self explanatory. Every map has multiple entry points, and are usually destructible in many parts of the house, while being at least semi destructible in the rest.

How does the game feel? Honestly, it feels wonderful. The 5 v 5 matches are tense and every decision counts. A single bullet to the head is enough to kill, and there is no respawning. Attackers start the match with small drones, where they get 45 seconds to attempt to discover where the defending team is hiding, as there are multiple locations where the objective can be held on each map. These drones can be shot by the defending team, or, if executed properly, can be placed in strategic positions where they can be used throughout the game play phase to locate the defenders hiding spots.

Defenders are tasked with locking down the area. Each defender gets 2 wall reinforcing panels, which can not be breached (unless you are the operator named Thermite, who carries special charges for just that purpose). Instead of breaching charges, Defenders can carry a deployable shield which can be placed anywhere as cover, or choose barbed wire instead which slows down any opponents who step in it.

If you are like me, and were doubtful about yet another online only shooter, which the market seems to be flooded with currently, let me crush any doubts you may have. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege is the most fun I've had with a first person shooter since Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, which i have nearly 200 hours in. Aside from some occasional long wait times, and the grind to earn the in game currency, called Renown, I have had very few issues with the current build of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege.

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