ByAri Sprague, writer at

Honestly what bugs me about movies and books are three things. There are the movies that leave a vital part of the story out of the movie, then the books that are so good that you want a movie made out of them, but there is never a movie for it. Finally, there are the books that just had way too much of something and the story went a bit south. Like the Hunger Games. Sorry "Peeta" and "Gale" fans but in my opinion, only Peeta should be there. But only because you get excited when she and Peeta get a love interest, then kinda fall a little bit when Katniss reveals she faked it. It's a bit cruel.

Again, for those who are reading, all thoughts on this matter are mine and I'm not trying to offend anybody. Then for the awesome book but no movie to go with it. Illusive. Most of you may not have even heard of it because the title describes the books rarity. Of course, once you find it and read it, it is absolutely amazing! There is nothing wrong with it that I can think of. And finally, the Maze Runner movies. Oh my gosh they aren't loyal at all to the books. Especially the Scorch Trials. Almost nothing is actually accurate.


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