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Arrow came back last night revealing Felicity's fate after the mid-season finale cliffhanger. Blood Debts wasn't the greatest episode of season 4, but it did however shed some light on the famous flash-forward scene set four months in the future.

This episode at least crossed out one name from the list of the grave's candidates with this second scene involving Felicity. But it still doesn't tell us who's going to leave the show at the end of the season.

Oliver and Felicity kept referencing to HIM while talking about the man responsible. This made me think that all we might assume about this character might be a red-herring. Obviously, the first person one would think of is Damien Darhk, the big bad of this fourth season. But why not naming him ? Why keeping his identity a secret ? It could mean that there is more than meets the eye.

Is Malcolm The Real Killer ?

The end scene of the Arrow/Flash crossover reminded us that Malcolm is still a threat to Team Arrow. Sometimes we seem to forgot that Malcolm was the Dark Archer, the main villain of the first season. His relationship with Thea might have softened him a bit but in the end Malcolm is still the man responsible for the Undertaking and Sara's death. Oliver letting him be the next Ra's-Al-Ghul could be the worst decision he ever made because by giving Merlyn this position he granted him an incommensurable power.

"You have to kill this son of a bitch."

The way Felicity talked during this flash-forward scene made me feel like the person responsible was someone close that could have betrayed Team Arrow. Plus, the producers teased some friction between Merlyn and Oliver in a foreseeable future, maybe leading to a fallout between the League and the team. Malcolm is using the League for something in particular, we saw it when he recovered Savage's ashes.

Letting us think that Darhk is the killer while in fact Malcolm is the one responsible would be a masterstroke and one the show's biggest twist to date. I might be completely mistaken but I definitely think that Darhk is not the man we are looking for. If this proved itself to be true, this fourth season could quickly become one of the most memorable the show has known.

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