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A sequel to the original Space Jam has been speculated for years. No doubt that with 90's nostalgia at an all-time high a Space Jam 2 project would be a hotly anticipated, almost certain blockbuster with unlimited marketing potential. The big question, who laces up their sneakers to team up with the Toon Squad? Some say it would be blasphemous to replace MJ with King James. Others say MJ is old news and Lebron should play hardball with the Toons. I say, why not both!

Anything is possible in the fun and imaginative Toon World, so no need to overthink the plot. The Nerdlucks want a rematch with the Toons and through a series of events kidnap Lebron James and take him to Moron Mountain where he is brainwashed and transformed into a live action Monstar version of Lebron James. King James won't be fully animated but transformed through CGI and maybe even motion capture into a scaly, glowing eyes Monstar Lebron. That would be iconic to say the least. Hopelessly outmatched by Lebron and the new MontstarZ, Bugs Bunny sends Daffy Duck, Porky Pig and Tweety to Earth to recruit their old pal Michael Jordan. MJ tells the Toons that his glory days are in the past and while he would love to help he's not the same player he used to be. The Toons tell him that in Toon World His Airness could take flight again just like the old days and appeal to Jordan's competitive nature to lure him into the ultimate matchup against King James and The MonstarZ. MJ is presented with a new #23 ToonSkwad jersey and from there the story begins. MJ is brought to Toon Land and through the magic of computers and old Michael Jordan highlights the big screen is graced with Michael Jordan in his prime once again. A movie with the Looney Tunes, Jordan and Lebron could crossover into so many business and entertainment industries and breathe new life into some dying brands. Below I'll highlight several reasons why this should definitely happen.


Since the 1930's the Looney Tunes have brought laughter to several generations on the big screen and television alike. It's no question that Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and the gang are American Cultural icons of comedy and have remained steadfast though victories and triumphs of the 20th century, economic booms and busts, World Wars and Moon Landings. In the 90's, the Looney Tunes reached new heights and a new generation of viewers through cable syndication, new shows like Tiny Toon Adventures and a little film called Space Jam. However, in the past 20 years traditional animation has ultimately been replaced by computer animation. While the Looney Tunes are still around they're more of a novelty these days and have very little relevance with today's generation of kids. A Space Jam sequel could bridge the gap between young and old and spur new life into this time honored brand, introduce itself to a new generation of fans and inspire other new projects.


Like the Looney Tunes, the NBA reached new heights in the 90's, largely in thanks to Michael Jordan. The 80's may have set the stage with Bird vs Magic but in the 90's Jordan the stole the show becoming not only dominant on the court but a marketing powerhouse and the biggest sports icon since Muhammad Ali. Other great players like Charles Barkley, Hakeem Olajuwon, Karl Malone and young phenoms like Shaquille O'Neal only helped to helped to fuel the fire. The NBA boom began in the 1992 Olympics when the United States allowed pro players to play in the Olympics for the first time. This made it possible for all of the NBA's great legends to compete on the World stage together forming the legendary Dream Team. The Dream Teams arrival in Barcelona was reminiscent to The Beatles arrival in America and broadened the NBA's appeal globally. When Michael Jordan finally left the game for good a giant hole was left in his wake. While many new superstars have come and gone the excitement and fun in the league wasn't the same and really hasn't been since. The NBA is still extremely relevant and popular and in no ways has been subject to as sharp of a decline as The Looney Tunes. However, it's almost universally agreeable to those who were fortunate to witness the NBA of the 90's that some of the magic is missing. A Space Jam sequel could give an opportunity for the stars of today to stand toe to toe with legends of the past and not only create new fans for this generation but gain respect to fans who may have less respect for today's NBA.


There have been many great players who have straddled the era between Jordan and Lebron. Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Shaquille O'Neal, Dwyane Wade, Kevin Durant and now Stephen Curry have all made their stamp on the game in the post Jordan era. But it's been Lebron James who has made the arguably the biggest impact since MJ left the game. Lebron's success and global appeal combined with his ridiculous set of skills, imposing physical frame and unprecedented athletic ability has created a now classic and sometimes heated sports debate, who would win? Could King James topple His Airness or would MJ retain his title as the greatest of all time? Unfortunately we will never have a real answer to this question. However a hypothetical match up between Michael Jordan and the Toon Squad vs Lebron James and the Monstars set in outer space would be so epic that only an IMAX screen could handle it's glory, Granted the idea of this matchup creates as many problems as it solves with both Michael Jordan's and Lebron James camps lobbying for a win in the movie to help retain their relevance and winning image. Hopefully a well thought out ending could result in a conclusion that pleases both the Jordan and Lebron camps not to mention both passionate fan bases.


I'm not going to make the argument that Space Jam 2 could be as successful as Star Wars: The Force Awakens. However if we did learn anything from the latest Star Wars it's that their is a market for movies that can span generational boundaries and even unite young and old. Parents not only want to share the favorite things from their youth with their kids but also re-live their childhood by conjuring warm and fun memories. The 90's was an awesome decade and now the children who grew up during that time are not only grown ups with jobs and money but are having children of their own. The kids who wanted to be "Like Mike" now have kids that are ruled by King James. This uniting of young and old can be essential to the marketing. Modern looks infused with 90's designs to create a unique hybrid of old and new, A soundtrack made of 90's hip-hop hits remixed by modern artists. New Air Jordan Toon Squad merchandise with a nostalgic feel and MonstarZ merchandise for the Lebron brand. Space Jam 2 could possibly make more money outside of the theaters than in it.


Who do you think should star in Space Jam 2 ?


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