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One of the highlights of The Force Awakens was the introduction of a potentially classic new Star Wars oracle in the form of Maz Kanata, the smuggler whose castle on Takodana seems like the kind of place where the beer flows freely and those who drink too much of it are liable to be conned out of a few hundred Republic Credits.

Maz, played with some zest by Lupita Nyong'o, drew inevitable comparisons with another wise, miniature advice-giver, particularly when she removed her goggles to tell Rey what she already knew: that the family she's waiting for on Jakku are never coming back.

But what if something darker hides behind Kanata's kindly exterior?

Everything that follows is purely fan theory, and although I don't necessarily believe it will play out in Star Wars Episode 8, it is somewhat plausible (in the context of the many insane theories circling the Star Wars fandom right now).

Here goes. Spoilers ahead for The Force Awakens.

This theory is born from Maz Kanata being in possession of the blue lightsaber that belonged to Luke Skywalker until that face-off with Vader in Episode V. Of the numerous unexplained story strands or suspicious coincidences in The Force Awakens, Maz and the lightsaber in particular stands out for being clearly in need of a proper backstory.

If Maz is truly just a minor player within the new trilogy, it doesn't fit that she would be the one in possession of the lightsaber.

We've seen how J.J. Abrams loves to draw parallels between the old and the new, but it would still be a major shock if Maz was revealed to play a Palpatine-esque role in Episode 8: a double agent, ostensibly an asset to the Resistance but secretly working against them.

Her motivation? She and Supreme Leader Snoke go way back. Way, way back. Snoke, clearly, is ancient, hundreds of years old at the least, and Maz is also into her second millennium.

The shock of a character who initially seems to have so much in common with Yoda being a master manipulator would make for a great reveal, and it also makes sense with Luke now positioned to embrace the role of mentor to Rey.

You could even take the theory one step further by joining the dots and claiming that Maz is Snoke, but that doesn't really fit with what we've been told about Snoke's height, or what we've seen of his appearance. It's more plausible that they're working together for a common cause, and that Maz is his Lady Macbeth.

Or, perhaps, Maz is aligned with the Dark Side but has no ties whatsoever with Snoke, and has an entirely different end game of her own.

One final thing to consider: Maz Kanata sounds a lot like "mas que nada", which translates from Spanish as "more than nothing". Coincidence? Yes. Still, if you're really invested in this theory, that might be music to your ears.

In all likelihood, Maz probably was introduced to fill a Yoda-sized hole in the series. Much like Finn is our new Han and Rey the new Luke, so too does the thousand year old smuggler fit a familiar mould.

But the oddity of the lightsaber handily being among Maz's collection of treasure remains - and if somebody between Abrams, Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy wanted to take a route a little more unexpected, rather than play it safe for three movies, making Maz an ally of the Dark, not the Light, could be a genius move.

Star Wars Episode 8 is released December 15, 2017.


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