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American Horror Story: Hotel may have ended last week, but we will never get over the acting prowess of the cast. Let's say Evan Peters, for one.

Who doesn't love Evan Peters? He is one the most versatile actors in the history of American Horror Story anthology series. Evan has played totally different personalities in every season. He's been good, he's been bad. He's been the victim, he's been the suspect. But who among the characters became your ultimate favorite?

Season 1: Tate Langdon

The psycho teenage ghost you want to fall in love with... forever.

Season 2: Kit Walker

Who can forget the series of alien abductions this young man has witnessed?

Season 3: Kyle Spencer

The frat boy with golden hair who messed with bitches, I mean witches.

Season 4: Jimmy Darling

The epitome of putting your hands to good use.

Season 5: James Patrick March

If the sexy accent and Gomez Addams look did not amaze you, then I don't know what else.


Which "Evan Peters" character in American Horror Story is your favorite?


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