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If you're reading that title and thinking, "What? Spinoff? No way!", well, think again. Mastermind screenwriter/director Quentin Tarantino opened up to film blog So Is It Any Good? about the possibility of creating two spinoffs of his critically acclaimed classic, Pulp Fiction.

The first one would circle around the crime adventures of Vincent Vega and Vic Vega. If you're wondering who those two are, allow me to explain. You all remember Vic Vega aka Mr. Blonde (Michael Madsen) from Tarantino's debut film, Reservoir Dogs, right? The man that brutally cut off the ear of the police officer...

Micheal Madsen in Reservoir Dogs
Micheal Madsen in Reservoir Dogs

Well, he's the brother of Vincent Vega, hence the shared surname. Tarantino then featured Vic's brother, Vincent Vega, in his next film - Pulp Fiction. Played by John Travolta, he famously shot Marvin in the face and almost killed Mrs. Wallace.

John Travolta & Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction
John Travolta & Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction

Yup! Brothers, written in to two consecutive Tarantino movies. What makes this possible film exciting is that you have the loco, insane-in-the-membrane Vic Vega to work alongside the trigger-happy, drug abusing Vincent Vega. That would be an awesome film to watch and I would title it Vega Bros. Simple as that.

I did think about the idea of the Vega brothers, taking place before the movies when like Vin was in Amsterdam and his brother Vic/Mr. Blonde comes and visits him, and their adventures. - Quentin Tarantino

As far as the other spinoff, Tarantino was thinking about having Jules, played by the big man that has been in nearly every Tarantino film, Samuel L. Jackson, walking the Earth like he said he wanted to do after giving up his life of being a hitman for the Devil. That too would be interesting because we would get to see where this adventure takes Jules and how far he would travel. For this film idea, I have no title but it does make it one interesting film to enjoy, and could confirm or scrap the theory that Jules was, in fact, the pianist playing at Beatrix Kiddo's wedding.

Then I did think of a movie of Jules just out walking the earth and what happens to him. - Quentin Tarantino

I'm down for these to happen, and I doubt I'm the only one! So, here's a question... If you had the choice to choose the next Tarantino film, what would it be?


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