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Yes, I’m a hopeless romantic. And yes I love all the Nicholas Sparks movies. I just can’t help it.

There are movies that make you dream about Mrs Right, and how perfect life could be with him. And then there are movies that tell you a story where not everything goes how a love story is supposed to be. Some thing my go wrong. Just like in real life. Although there is a least one that is definitely not real life based. I think. I hope. Or maybe I hope it is. Well let’s start this shall we?

The Vow

This movie made me cry little unicorn tears. Common! Imagine you have the most beautiful love and a terrible accident just takes that away from you? Imagine not being sure if you’ll ever get the love, of the most importante in the world, back. You had it all and now you may lose it all.

This is a terrific love story based on real life events (top that!). With the always amazing Rachel McAdams , and Channing Tatum, making all the lover look like bastards. Way to go Channing!

PS I Love You

Do I need to say anything? I cry from beginning to end. Every single time. And I have watched this movie a lot of times by now. But the idea of a love that transcends death… that is what we all can hope for.

Hilary Swank does an amazing job, taking you into her world, her feelings, her hard times. You will feel every word and every tear. And Gerard Butler… well, he will make you cry, he will make you fall in love with Irish men and Scottish men (although he plays an Irish guy, he is actually Scottish). In the end, you will be sad and happy. You will feel a strength coming from nowhere, and you will have (the intention) to change your life, and become a shoe designer. That will not happen, trust me, I lived that way too many times, but it will make you feel good and that is already pretty good.

Stuck in Love

Now this is a movie closer to what happens in real life. Parents are divorced, dad get’s laid with sexy neighbor, daughter is promiscuous and brilliant, son is nerdy and very much single. Dad wants to get back with mom that has a hot new boyfriend. Daughter kind of likes the nice kid but prefers the popular d**bag guy. Son likes the popular girl (see a theme here?) that has a problem with drugs. The amazing thing is, this movie is about amazing love stories. All of them. Amazing and real, that is why I love it so much.

The Time Traveler's Wife

If there is one romantic movie that I call “my favorite”, is without question, this one. I have lost count of how many times I’ve seen it, and I fall in love with it, every time I do.

Here you see love in a form that you don’t see often. Continuous, timeless, truly magic. A love that, although it has follow a girl throughout her life, it’s as strong and real, when the two pieces meet, and everything becomes real. A love that surpasses the uncertainty and the lonely hours. If I could have any love, that stars in a movie, I would chose this. Regardless of the ending, is lived with so much intensity, that it will last a lifetime.

Again with the amazing Rachel McAdams and with Eric Bana, that makes you fall in love every single scene. Even with the crazy time travel, this is a beautiful Love Story.

And that’s it for this time. Hope you guys liked it.



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