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A month after the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and the world still can't seem to get enough. From fan theories to behind-the-scenes information, fans of the franchise are still eager to get their Star Wars fix to tide them over until we get to see Rogue One come December.

Luckily for us, filmmaker Joe Sill and his talented team at The Whitelist Collective created an incredible short film Kara that would make both George Lucas and J.J. Abrams proud.

Set over the vast desert of what looks to be Jakku or Tatooine, we meet three characters all trying to survive their run-ins with a group of Sandtroopers. While the story of Kara and her father is already fascinating, the visual effects of the short are absolutely stunning. Watch Kara below to take a new journey into an already beloved cinematic universe.

Meet Kara

The Whitelist Collective
The Whitelist Collective

Kara appears to be a Force-sensitive young woman traveling alongside her father.

In comes a Star Destroyer

The Whitelist Collective
The Whitelist Collective

And where there's a Star Destroyer, there's bound to be troops.

A lone X-Wing pilot

The Whitelist Collective
The Whitelist Collective

They may be caught between an X-Wing and some TIE Fighters, but it looks like they have means to defend themselves.

A narrow escape

The Whitelist Collective
The Whitelist Collective

After narrowly escaping her ship, the Rebel pilot Athena escapes the Sandtroopers' blasters with Kara and her father.

Use the Force

The Whitelist Collective
The Whitelist Collective

Clearly Kara is far more powerful than we initially thought.

Lending a helping hand

Hopefully this pilot will help Kara and her father to safety. Even better, let's see another episode where she receives proper training from a Jedi!

Bravo to everyone involved in making this short film possible. I don't know about you, but I'm dying to learn more about Kara and see where this adventure will take her.

To see more shorts like this, be sure to visit The Whitelist Collective's website.

Watch the trailer for The Force Awakens here:

(Source: The Whitelist Collective, Joe Sill, Luc Delamare)


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