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The disappearance of a teenager in Sao Carlos, in the interior of Sao Paulo, ended in tragedy and left a mystery unsolved. On 15 January this year, Larissa Alves, 15, left work at around 5pm and has not been seen. After two days of searching, a watchman found the girl's body in the company where she worked. Although tragic, the story took direction somewhat creepy. Larissa was hanged in a sheet making a fingers crossed sign with her hands. Next to her body, a letter was written in Latin, considered a dead language, but still taught in many colleges. At first, many believed that the letter had not been written by the young, and perhaps needed the help of Google Translate but a Latin student gave the following testimony "Larissa wrote in the letter is advanced ecclesiastical Latin. Google translator only translates words, and can’t translate syntactic rules. The Latin is a language that syntactic rules are very complicated, and the letter of the girl is perfectly in line with the rules, then it can not have done this text in the Google translator. It is impossible for a common translator of the Internet have produced the text of this letter, because of the complexity of the content. "

To date, there is no official translation of it, but some people were able to understand some things. It would present a series of mystical elements, a mixture of religious interpretations, outbursts, relationship and family:

"She agreed. The attacks have to be stronger, it will fight. While we are close, the heart is gray. He said "no" and asked about the way to go, since he will rule. And yet to hear my voice, sometimes she looks up at him. Remember, only a disturbed mind clings to those they love. A year ago, he had a dream. Saw all be yours, since to send a gift, life. Something innocent, could be a disaster. She had the need for an agreement to save the head of the family, the one who obeyed the gospel. But all the earth shall die. Nothing is done for free and debts back sailing in awhile. So the choice must be made by yourself, from there I did. For the family, the gift of a girl is to see and hear and feel. Fortunately we managed. This soul was weak, the troubled mind did not sustain a passion for heaven. So it was easier to bring it to our side. When they attack, they go to the last remnant of the soul.
I leave the letter as a form of explanation.

At first I imagined that "AMO VOCEIS" would be the wrong way to write "AMO VOCÊS" or "I love you". But what left everyone amazed the girl was able to write in advanced Latin properly but err in their native language (Portuguese).

After some research, researchers found that in Latin "Amo Voceis" means "I love her voice."

Also in the letter mystery, GAAP signature also drew attention. According to Wikipedia, in demonology, GAAP would be a powerful "Prince and Grand President of Hell", commanding sixty-six legions of demons. According to the grimoires of the Lesser Key of Solomon, he is the King and the Prince of southern region of hell and earth and according to Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, King of the western region and is as mighty as Beleth. It would also be the devil who put the dispute in the world. First there would be no disputes or rivalry, and then he would have entered the battle on the ground on a whim. He would be kind of fun for men, which later turned any kind of duel, strife and suffering, thus bringing many misfortunes to the whole land. So he abandoned would have abandoned his angel post and became a demon, finally being described as if it had a human form.

Despite the letter, another mystery left the Brazilians in doubt, Larissa's body was found with arm would be lifted in relation to your body and at least one hand above his shoulder. The same she would be making a "fig". Experts have said that in the case of hanging, even before the person dies there is a faint and consequently a certain sagging muscles, would soon be natural arms are fallen and not raised above the shoulder. Although no expert has given an opinion, the question is: how the girl was with fingers crossed ? This is another among many other points to be questioned.

In May, the father of Larissa, Luciano Alves, made a demonstration to draw attention of the authorities. According to him, the Institute of Criminology of Sao Carlos are facing serious problems that months after the death of his daughter, and the work of expertise is far from an end. In an interview with "Sao Carlos Now," he said not received the reports that would prove the girl's suicide and said he does not believe in such a case. Luciano says Larissa was raised in a great family atmosphere, studied, worked, played sports, had no vices, besides being very Catholic. In the week of her death, she would complete 16 years and was excited about the party. The mother, Diana Alves, said the clothes the girl had bought for the occasion was still with the label.

The case remains unsolved but people obviously started creating several theories. One says that the girl could be possessed by an evil entity, which led her to commit the act of taking his life. The "signature Gaap," the letter in Latin and the amulet in your hand are only a few of the arguments of those who defend this hypothesis. They also argue that she died on the "March to Satan," which happened at the weekend the girl's death. What is your theory?


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