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I've read and watched all of the Harry Potter movies at least over fifty times. I also enjoy spending quality time with my boyfriend and my
Chrissy Murphy

I can say that after watching the entire show up to the point where it's just about to be season six, the show takes you on an adventure. There is just something about this show that just makes you want to just sit down, relax, and watch. From the sexual innuendos, to the battles that take place, to the deaths of some of the characters, and some of the planning that goes on to "ruin" another. They take some of the worst characters and find ways to give them a death that is fitting to them personally. Although when it comes to characters like Jon Snow, or Lord Stark himself, there deaths are more tragic because no one really wants to see them disappear. That is why I'm giving this a full 10. But I can say that with some of the spoiler alerts that I've seen about Jon Snow, one can only hope that he is still alive and ready to fight some more to be able to get his command under control. The sooner that season 6 gets here, the better it will be for everyone when it comes time to solve the mystery of what happens to the rest of the characters, especially Daenerys Targaryen.


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