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2015 was definitely not year of disappointment in movies. It was a year of dinosaurs, Jedi, terminators, and desert warriors. We got some really great movies in 2015, but before we go onto those, let's take a look at some of the WORST movies of 2015. Now remember, I made this list based on movies people ACTUALLY saw.

Worst movies of 2015

FURIOUS SEVEN - Like many of you, I went to the theater to watch Furious Seven because of all the "good" reviews. I really liked it the first time. A couple months later I watched it on pay-per-view, and completely HATED it. It was so bad, and I noticed so many things that I would've never noticed on the first round.

TOMMOROWLAND - In May I went to the theater to see Tommorowland with my best friend. It had so much potential, and we were [moderately] excited. The only good part about going to that screening was hearing the words "Chewie, we're home" in the trailers BEFORE the movie actually started.

FANTASTIC FOUR - Actually this movie is the best of the worst movies that have come out in 2015. Filled with boring action and vague dialogue, though funny (at times). This movie is just... Just... Meh.

FIFTY SHADES of *sigh*, never mind this movie is just... Bleh.

And the worst movie of 2015 is...

JUPITER ASCENDING - *No words need to be said about this, it's THAT bad*

Mediocre Mentions

JURRASIC WORLD - Good, but boring the second time.

TERMINATOR GENISIS - It was pretty good, but not good enough to be on the BEST list.

THE GIFT - Good mystery with an unexpected twist.

KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE - It was really good, but, like others on this list, not good enough to make the BEST list.

STEVE JOBS - Look above.

PITCH PERFECT 2 - Good, funny, great storyline, and excellent songs.

Best movies of 2015

AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON - Every geek and nerd absolutely loved this movie, no doubt. Great CG, storyline, and characters.

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: ROGUE NATION - Action packed with REAL stunts and a great storyline!

VACATION - Easily the funniest movie of 2015

THE MARTION - Funny, action-packed, and full of adventure!

SPECTRE - For me, personally, this is the best James Bond of them all!

AMERICAN SNIPER - The true story of an American hero and father. Amazing, inspiring, and sad, this movie was great!

MAD MAX: FURY ROAD - Practical, full of action, and a great storyline. A very fun movie!

THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY PART 2 - A great ending to a great book/movie franchise!

ANT-MAN - Funny, great CG, good storyline and a very fun movie overall!

And the best movie of 2015 is...


JUST KIDDING, that movie sucked.

And the real best movie of 2015 is...

STAR WARS: EPISODE VII - THE FORCE AWAKENS - Easily the best movie of the year! Fun, funny, action packed, great use of practical effects, and very little CG! This movie is the perfect sequel to an amazing movie franchise! Great characters, sad moments, and an intense lightsaber battle at the end, this movie is perfect!

And that's my list of the best movies of the year! Remember, I made this list based on movies people ACTUALLY saw, *cough cough* Oscars *cough cough*.

Thanks for reading!


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