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Anyone who follows Marvel Studios tumultuous relationship with Marvel Television, knows that they practically exist in separate universes. Whilst the television shows reference the movies, you'll find no such references in any Marvel Studios production referencing anything that have ties with Marvel Television, even though technically they both exist in the same universe.

If you're part of the uninitiated, Marvel Studios is run by Kevin Feige and Marvel Television is run by Jeph Loeb. I understand the complexity of interweaving shared-properties on the small and big screen. What I do not understand is the noncooperation that seems to encompass Marvel Studios. There seems to be total apathy when dealing with the television department - it could stem from the fact that the only reason why Marvel TV is remotely successful comes from the hard-work of Marvel Studios, but that's purely speculative.

However, the plot thickens, as Charlie Cox's recent comments to Entertainment Tonight in regards to the possibility of Daredevil appearing in The Avengers: Infinity War may shock you...

“Marvel TV and Marvel Studios are two very different things. So even if the character were to appear [in The Avengers: Infinity War], that doesn’t necessarily mean that I would appear in that film.“

Whose Side Are You On?

Netflix's Daredevil might be one of the most critically-successful comic book adaptions of all-time. So to hear this comment from the immensely talented Charlie Cox makes you wonder why civil war might be continuing on without Netflix and Marvel TV's involvement. Would it take multiple-failures for Disney to mediate a deal that would be beneficial to both sides? If they re-cast anyone from Netflix's Marvel Universe, then the outrage would cause an earthquake - especially if that character were still appearing in their current-series.

In fact, this is an aspect of the MCU that is often praised in comparison to DC's multiple universes (their CW universe is not thought to be connected with the current DCEU), which has divided opinion. Charlie Cox made another comment about what would happen if this abhorrent decision would to occur. When asked what he would do following a new Matt Murdock in the MCU, Charlie Cox said he would,

“Pick a fight with the guy that they choose”

I'm sure that the fans of Daredevil would have Mr. Cox's back over whomever Marvel Studios hypothetically picked instead, although though it's mind-boggling to think this could possibly happen. I truly do not understand the politics of this situation, and I hope in the future some type of agreement can be made between the same company!

Marvel's 'Daredevil' returns to Netflix on March 18th! Take a look at the promo:


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