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Hey everyone so as you may or may not know dc is huge these days and has a lot going on. I have been into batman like crazy recently as all of my posts thus far are about getting my ideas in relation to batman out of my mind. I still have one large burden and it is a dream casting.With all the excitement coming out of the dc universe these days on television with supergirl, the flash and arrow and now legends of tomorrow. Even the cinema stuff like batman v super man etc.

I have decided it was time for a batman beyond reboot something i believe could be done alongside the other great television shows. So if your reading this and interested or at least curious to see how its going, or even have a dream cast of your own check this out.

Go to that site and view my official iflist page the only one of its kind for the most extensive batman beyond dream casting ever! Don't forget to share your support and even add a few dream choices of your own!


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