ByWill Niles, writer at

First off everyone is going to shoot their mouth off about why he's no good as the joker, I'm gonna tell you why he's perfect for it. 1- Jerod Leto's look changes a lot according to the 2 trailers we've seen so far. He's got that Alex Ross (Tuxedo joker). The silver suit look. The maroon shirt with the dual gun holsters. The No shirt one purple glove look. The shiny dark purple trench coat look. And he's got all those crazy tattoos. 2- he perfectly compliments Margot Robie's Harley Quinn. 3- His take on the character looks as if he's really gotten into the role. Jarod Leto was said to have been in character during his time on and off the set. He's a method actor people... Jarod Leto is set to surprise everyone with a joker that we all love but many aren't ready to admit it yet. I say Jarod Leto kills it as the joker and in August I'll be proven right.


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