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The rumblings of Universal Studios' idea to reboot the classic monsters series kicks off with the first film being a reboot of the 1932 classic 'The Mummy'. The film will now be released for June 9th 2017 as revealed during the Press release today for the film.

What was also revealed is that Tom Cruise will now be the confirmed lead for the film and co-starring alongside Sofia Boutella. The roles that they are casted for haven't been specified yet. Collider News brokedown the story earlier today.

This sounds very interesting! I was a huge fan of the classic monster series Universal created and even loved the 1999 Mummy Reboot with Brendan Fraser. Casting Tom Cruise is odd for this kind of movie but he's been on a hot streak these past 2 years with Edge of Tomorrow and Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. Cruise has proven to be a pivotal action star to this very day and always puts more than one-hundred-percent of effort to his roles so I think this is going to be an interesting start to reinventing this classic monster franchise!


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