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5. Scream: The TV Series

I almost didn't even watch this show because I was very cautious with it, being a major Scream fan and all. But I'm glad I ended up watching it because this show was awesome. It doesn't try to be like the movies , it's something very original. The characters are very relatable and you get to know all of them by the end of the season. The reveal of the killer was great in the end and I like the story behind it. This is a great show on MTV that I highly recommend.

4. Marvel's Jessica Jones

Much like Scream I wasn't going to watch this show because I'm just not a fan of Marvel shows. Even know I do like Daredevil and for some reason never finished it and really need. This show was brilliant. This was another win for Marvel for taking a character no one really knows about and making you love her. Jessica Jones is now one of my favorite Marvel characters now. And this was such a character driven show also. Kilgrave is also one of my favorite villians now and he's so manipulative. I highly recommend this show to not just Marvel fans or comic book fans on general, but anyone.

3. The Walking Dead Season 6/ Fear The Walking Dead

Fear The Walking Dead came as a major surprise for me. I love this show. It's of course going to be more intense than The Walking Dead now because it's the beginning of the apocalypse. The characters are very relatable because they act how you would act if these events just randomly started. And the walkers of course all look great.

The Walking Dead came back with another amazing season and even know it's not over yet it's probably my favorite season. This season also has the most zombie action of any of the seasons. The story of this season is great on how the group is showing the citizens of Alexandria to survive and then it soon falls apart. The only character I'd say I don't like is Morgan because he seems very nice of what's happening and I didn't like that there was a 90 min episode about him, but I know the episode was important. Overall great season so far and I can't wait for it to return.

2. Scream Queens

This was one of my most anticipated shows of 2015 and it definitely delivered. You love to hate all of the characters in this show because they're all so bitchy and selfish and mean but at the same time they're all so hilarious and awesome. Emma Roberts character of Chanel Oberlin was probably my favorite character. I loved all the Chanel's also. The reveal of the killer was a little predictable, but I'm glad I was right. The only episode I was not a fan of was the finale. I liked the first half but the second half felt a little lack luster. This is now my new second favorite show of all time, I love it.

1. American Horror Story: Hotel

Another fantastic Season from my favorite show on TV. Hotel promised to be the scariest, bloodiest, best roller coaster of a ride and it succeeded. Lady Gaga was a great edition to the show having probably my favorite character, Elizabeth The Countess. I loved all the other characters. This season had so many twists and turns also. O wish it didn't end at episode 12 like season 1, I wish it had 13 but whatever. The only episode I didn't like was the finale. The finale was very lack luster and disappointing. But overall this is my favorite season so far and AHS is my favorite show of all time.


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