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As we all know, TW Producer Jeff Davis is very good in hiding villains, so we can expect not to figure out who is The Beast yet. But, of course, there are some unanswered questions about the last episode that we all have in mind.

Who is The Beast. What will happen with Kira? And what was with that final scene where Liam and Mason come in a rush and tell Scott about Deucalion?

If we remember well, a lot of not-mentioned-for-a-long-time characters appeared in the last few episodes. Like Chris and Gerard Argent. How the final battle in going to be? Theo's and Scott's pack united with the last Argents, fighting for their lives with the new, empowered Beast?

And could that Beast have any relation with Deucalion? He last appeared in season 3A final episode Lunar Ellipse. And after being defeated he was let to walk away and never return by Scott and Derek. But there was not the last time we heard about him.

Remember the episode in which Derek and Peter were captured and trapped by The Calaveras? There Braeden comes to rescue Peter, being paid by someone to do it: DEUCALION. But why? Deucalion always have a plan. What if he knew about the Dread Doctors? What if he has an unknown connection with them?

Within the Teen Wolf Universe, The Beast of Gévaudan is described as “History’s most vicious, most famous werewolf.” As we found out from last episodes, he didn't kill just about 100 people, but more about 500. Damnatio Memoriae is the Latin phrase literally meaning "condemnation of memory" in the sense of a judgment that a person must not be remembered. But in this case maybe not all the information was provided. They didn't succeed to erase all about it, but left unclear explanations on, let's say, how the werewolf was created. Was he bitten? Or was he created by the Dread Doctors?

It would be quite a thing to throw the Docs back in that time, where they might have tried to create the perfect killer. Without any information about their history, these are just speculations, but wouldn't it be at some point great?

If we remember well, back in season 3A Deaton says that druids had an important role in teaching the werewolves to become their former way, the human way. What if after generations and generations of Druids, three of them gone the wrong way. But not like a Darach. Like savants, DOCTORS. Doctors who would want to create what their predecessors wanted to ''cure'' - the perfect killer, the ultimate werewolf, THE BEAST.

According to Teen Wolf's mythology, Marie-Jeanne Valet ( Crystal Reed) and her younger sister were reportedly attacked by the beast while crossing a creek near the River Desges. Valet successfully defended herself and her sister with a bayonet mounted at the end of a staff, wounding the Beast, which threw itself into the river and thrashed about madly before escaping and The Royal Gunbearer praised Valet and compared her to French heroine Joan of Arc.

But where does it say that it was killed? Well, it doesn't. So this leaves much of interpretation about the identity of the killer.

Here's a behind the scenes video:

Could Deucalion be The Beast or could he be the heir of the man who was the terrible werewolf back in the days? It may be a bigger plan about The Beast that we yet know, but surely Jeff will not let things unclear.

Who do you think is The Beast?


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