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Ever since the CW revealed their Vixen animated series for the CW Seed, it was announced she´d be a part of the Flash/Arrow universe; they even cast Megalyn E.K. who could not only sound as the character but also look like her for a potential live-action incorporation into either The Flash or Arrow.

Since the first season of the animated TV series was a success, that got fans excited and speculating about when her live-action debut would come. Well, the time is now. She will make her first appearance on Arrow and the best part is, this announcement comes with a brand new picture of Megalyn as Mari McCabe A.K.A Vixen:

From the picture above, her costume is clearly different from its animated counterpart, with the biggest differences being the sleeves and the leathery material, since the animated counterpart was sleeveless and tights.

This is a big step-forward for super hero licenses, since it´s not common for the little projects such as spin-offs making it to the big leagues and being acknowledged by its more popular counterparts, in this case, Arrow.

What do you think of the CW incorporating Vixen into the llive-action world?


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