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Disney princesses are incredibly badass as it is. Mulan saved China. Jasmine stood up to her father and was defiant in who she was going to love (even if he was a street rat.) And Belle is probably smarter than my entire office combined.

Artist Tom Hodges made these girls even cooler than they already were by combining them with the world of Star Wars and making these princesses Jedis.

In case you're craving to show off your Princess Jedi spirit animal, Hodges also has these incredible designs available on t-shirts and hoodies.

1. T'Aana

2. Snoke Whiite

3. Rapun Zehl

4. Poe Kahantas

5. Mu Laan

6. Mer Iida

7. Jz Miin

8. Obi Anna Kenobi

9. Ariel Oceanwalker

10. Aur Ora

11. Belle Belle Binx

12. Ciinder Ella

13. Elsa, Queen of Hoth

Now I want to be a Jedi Princess warrior!

But first: what color lightsaber would I have?


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