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*Potential Spoilers - You've been warned!*

We all have groups of people that we hang out with and act civil towards. This is the foundation of people actually wanting to spend time with each other. I view friendship as someone who's completely honest with you, at appropriate times - and someone you can be a complete dick to, and that person forgives you because deep down they know you're a good friend and you probably had too much to drink.

I am not a fan of the term 'Bromance', simply because any act of endearment can be misconstrued as something that it wasn't, which can potentially upset the other party involved. The only true 'Bromance' I've ever seen portrayed in any media was the recently canceled 'Hannibal'. A friendship can be with anyone, and the act transcends the two parties involved and creates a bond that can lift one into a better place in their life. Superheroes live or die by trusting certain individuals over others, and this creates some of the best friendships to ever be portrayed on-screen! Here's a list of the ten best friendships in the Marvel/DC Universe. No romantic pairings, or familiar bonds allowed - and this list only covers the universes seen on TV and movies.

10. Barry Allen & Cisco Ramon - The Flash/DC, The CW

Caitlin Snow could have replaced either character, but these two friendships strengthen an already amazing show. When Cisco had to come to terms about being a Meta-human, Barry was there by Cisco letting The Flash give him the name 'Vibe'. This showed how much love he has for the Scarlet Speedster. This show displays friendship most admirably at every chance. With Joe West as the surrogate TV dad, this show can do no wrong!

9. Matt Murdock & Foggy Nelson - Daredevil/Marvel, Netflix

Okay, when Foggy found out Matt's secret he acted really weird. If my best friend was Daredevil, I would consider myself the coolest person ever! Otherwise, they're living the dream as two great friends starting a business together. Matt is utterly charismatic, and Foggy is utterly hopeless. When they left Roxxon together, this cemented their bond with a life long friendship.

8. Rocket Raccoon & Groot - Guardians of the Galaxy/Marvel

In 2014, the sheer emotion that radiated off Rocket's face when Groot sacrificed himself was bloody brilliant. It's also awesome that Rocket is the only one who can understand Groot! All of the Guardians are outcasts, outlaws, and completely loyal to each other. I do admit these two are tad low on this list, but they only have one movie together so far. I'm sure after [Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2](tag:1081113) drops, they'll be numero uno!

7. Bruce Wayne & Alfred Pennyworth - Batman v Superman/DC

You could argue that Alfred is Bruce's surrogate father (he was Bruce's guardian, but he could have left when he turned 18). But what type of father condones a bat-vigilante? This is one of the purest forms of friendships on this list. Alfred loves Master Bruce because he picked himself up after his parents were murdered. I would have loved to have put Bruce and Kal-El on this list, but unfortunately they have yet to appear on-screen together. Their relationship is the essence of friendship, transcending all... Was that too cheesy? Maybe,Yes.

6. Peggy Carter & Edwin Jarvis - Agent Carter/Marvel, ABC

These two are quite the comedic-duo, and sadly the only friendship that are not of the same-sex. When Jarvis was chasing that pink Flaming and calling it the devil, he had me rolling with laughter. I also love how Jarvis is co-dependent of Ms. Carter to experience more than a manservant's life. I greatly appreciate the lack of sexual attraction between these two roles. I think in Hollywood, if the two-leads are of the opposite sex, they must have at least one session of coitus to meet standards. Overall, I cannot wait to watch the rest of season two of Agent Carter!

5. Tony Stark & James Rhodey - Iron Man/Marvel

Ever since Rhodey's daring rescue of Tony in the desert from Iron Man, Rhodey is Stark's go-to-guy with anything that is troubling him. That is the definition of a great friend, when you feel comfortable enough to tell them anything. How awesome was it in Iron Man 2 when Rhodey donned the War Machine suit for the first time and they had a huge brawl inside of Stark's Malibu beach house? Especially when Tony got chewed out by Fury!

4. Charles Xavier & Magneto (Erik Lenshnerr) - X-Men/ Marvel

Magneto is the reason why Charles is paralyzed, yet they still act as besties with a normal, complicated friendship. Also, this is the only relationship on this list that shows a true villain to be a dear friend of a true hero. Professor X can read minds. Think about how valuable of a tool/curse that would be when communicating with others. Another interesting aspect of their friendship is that they've been friends the longest on this list.

3. Steve Rogers & Sam Wilson / Steve Rogers & Bucky Barnes - Captain America/Marvel

What a beautiful triangle this trio makes! I could not decide which pairing with Steve would do justice to their friendships. So, I went the easy way out and I chose both, because Steve Roger's loyalty to his friends is one of his most noble characteristics. He's fighting a war for Bucky, and Falcon is going to war for him. If that's not friendship, then I don't know what friendship is!

2. Jessica Jones & Trish Walker - Jessica Jones/Marvel, Netflix

I am all for female superheroes, but not at the expense of poor characterization and an unimaginative plot that will diminish possible returns. Yet, Netflix's Jessica Jones nailed the nuanced female friendship of the 21st century. I adored both Trish and Jessica, which is rather a feat to accomplish. Most of the time, the secondary character is often boring and lacks a compelling backstory. They both kick-ass, and I hope that Trish will turn into Hellcat in the next season. I know technically they're sisters, but Trish's mom only adopted Jessica for publicity. I am really grateful that Netflix renewed Jessica Jones for a season two!

Honorable Mentions

  • Kara Danvers & Cat Grant - Supergirl/DC, CBS
  • Phil Coulson & Melinda May - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D/Marvel, ABC
  • Scott Lang & Luis - Ant-Man/Marvel
  • Tony Stark & Bruce Banner- The Avengers/Marvel
  • Captain Cold & Heat Wave - Legends of Tomorrow/DC, The CW

And the winners are...

1. Oliver Queen & John Diggle - Arrow/DC, The CW

I never knew that a man saying another man's name could be so inspirational! (Ahh-liv-err). When Diggle tells Oliver that he never thought he would gain another brother after losing his own, that moment put these two on my list of favorite characters of all-time. Last season, Oliver kidnapped Diggle's wife and left his baby-girl home alone. The beginning of the season showed Diggle to be (rightfully) angry, and yet Oliver took a bullet for Dig and everything was right in the Arrow/Flash Universe. I really enjoy how these two characters contrast one another, and yet they're still brothers - no matter what!

What makes these friendships so Important to our shows?

The main component that each friendship had in common is that they didn't always agree, but when the proverbial feces hit the fan, they had each other's backs! The stronger the friendships are in a franchise, the more enriched the plot becomes so that the show can satisfy the coldest-of-hearts with an emotional climax that everyone cares deeply about.

I am rooting for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, but one must wonder, since this is the first movie, can the fight be more than just an action-sequence? I appreciate Zack Snyder doling out fan-service, but in Civil War the stakes are immeasurably high! (but I still cannot wait for Batman v Superman!)

Yes, everyone loves the epic battles, and a lot of people love romance that accompanies certain characters, but it's the camaraderie that any man or woman can relate to. These movies are filled with spectacular action, but it's the interpersonal relationships mixed with awesome action that keeps the fans coming back for more.


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