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Here at moviepilot we have a deep appreciation for movies, an appreciation that runs so deep there's no end to the list of masterful reasons to appreciate a film. Personally I appreciate effort, so the more challenging the task the better chances you have of impressing me. So far I'm thoroughly intrigued and impressed by what I've seen so far in promotion of the new chilling horror film The Witch. The Witch is set to premiere on February 19th, 2016. Directed by Robert Eggers the film features a talented cast including the up and coming lovely Anya Taylor-Joy and for those Game of Thrones fans out there the cast also includes familiar faces Ralph Ineson and Katie Dickie.

The film has an extremely talented cast. As seen from the trailers it comes with an eerie and promising soundtrack and based on the film quality it has peeked a lot of interest among fans of the truly sublime. And last but certainly not least, the story brings us back to a genre of horror that we didn't realize we desperately missed, witchcraft.

These days witch movies have become so popular they're commercialized into a girlish fantasy. Don't get me wrong I love The Craft and Sabrina The Teenage Witch as much as the next 90's baby but there's just something very special about a good old fashion witchcraft movie, a movie that blurs the lines of truth and morality and realistically portrays the disturbing horror and uncanny mystery that is witchcraft. So below I've formed a brief list of some of the best raw witchcraft films out there in honor of the up and coming film The Witch, another secret ingredient to go into the swirling cauldron of the rare and precious genre of witchcraft horror.

The Crucible

Arthur Miller's The Crucible may have been intended as a commentary of irrational communist fear but boy did it give the world a witch story we'd never forget. The movie really tested its viewers by moving in the shadows and not revealing the honest truth. It is here that we as movie goers get our first lesson in witchcraft. We become aware of the mystery, deceit, seduction and dangerous power that come with witchcraft.

The Blair Witch Project

The 1999 film is a controversial one to put it nicely and it's authenticity is still questioned today. However, it is almost impossible to deny the existence of witchcraft after seeing the bloodcurdling and rather confusing film. This gives us our second lesson in witchcraft, proof of the reality that is black magic and affirmation of the evil attached to it.

The Black Death

Again my Game of Thrones brethren, Sean Bean gives us an excellent lesson in black magic in the film The Black Death. The film focuses more on the black plague than actual witchcraft but elements of black magic are still intricately and necessarily woven into the story. Much like The Crucible this film demonstrates the inherent connection between witchcraft and religion. Similarly due to the presence of the plague in the film we get the third lesson of witchcraft: it's purpose is corruption.

The Witch contains all these elements and more deeming it truly promising.

From the trailer we get a sense that this film is unlike any witchcraft movie made before. The use of goats, crows, and rabbits commonly known in the world of black magic as symbols of evil, death and dark companionship respectively, in the trailer and on the film posters makes it clear that Robert Eggers has brought this witchcraft film back into history and made it as realistic and historically accurate as possible. The trailer brings us truly disturbing imagery and an intriguing sense of curiosity.

And if that isn't convincing enough. Actress Anya Taylor-Joy in a premiere interview called it "disturbing" and "unique" and even went as far to say that the film will most likely make viewers "uncomfortable."

So head out on February 19th and check out the disturbing, religious, horrifying, eerie, mysterious, magical, deadly epitome of witchcraft horror The Witch.


So what do you think of the new black magic horror film The Witch?


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