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There are many Star Wars theories floating around the internet these days, from really stupid ones like Rey is Anakin, to Supreme Leader Snoke is Darth Plagueis who is Actually JAR JAR... and while some of them have merrit, some are clearly a strech of the imagination... So I decided to add my Own........ Warning Possible Spoilers ahead, especially if you Follow Rebels, and have not seen the mid season trailer, or yesterday's a Princess on Lothal...


First of all let me point out that when Star Wars Rebels started Ezra was 14 years old, he turned 15 on empire day. this is well documented fact making him almost 16 in yesterdays episode... his age is relevent Ill get to that... this season of rebels is 4 years before a New Hope making Ezra, Luke, and Leia all of similar age...18-20 during a new hope. so He would be around lukes age in episode 7... we dont exactly know snokes age so this part is a slight strech, but it will add up later i promise.. the point is provided he survived the rebellion. he would be in his 60's like luke and leia.... Next is where it gets tricky and where you should stop reading if spoilers are not what you seek.

During the Holiday break they released the mid season trailer for rebels. so old and familiar faces pop up.. and as we start A Princess on Lothal, we are reminded that Ezra's Parents Just Died, and its basically Ezra's Fault, they heard his message and it rallied them into action. (they were insurgents before, its why they were captured in the first place). back to Ezra. and the mid season trailer... towards the middle of the mid season trailer we see ahsoka tano talking with ezra, about anakin, and ezra is enthralled with anakin. he is so amazing.. we hear a voice talking about the darkside calling to ezra, and pulling him toward something. next we cut to ezra holding what looks like a sith holocron. and a voice saying that he seeks knowledge.... and some old creepy guy, who calls himself old master, steps onto the scene. A short time later we come to a scene where ezra is holding....wait for it....... A Cross Guard Hilt Lightsaber....... Ya Know Who else has a cross guard hilt lightsaber? Kylo Ren.... If you think about it, it makes sense actually from a purly subjective stand point. we never see or hear of ezra or the ghosts exploits between episodes 4 - 7... and why is that? Because Ezra Killed them all during his fall.... The death of his parents causes Ezra's to fall into a pit of his own despair, his call to arms got his parents killed. so he decided to become as powerful as he can, to help stop the evil, and to do that, he needs knowledge, so that what happened to his parents can never happen to anyone ever again... and like the amazing Anakin Skywalker He Falls hard..... but i digress... First let me point out a big clue.. Ezra built The Blaster Saber... its a one of a kind Lightsaber with a blaster built in.... and its bad ass, so later on in the trailer when we see Ezra with a CrossGuard hilted Saber, it is no strech to think he built and or invented it. So it is reasonable that Ezra could indeed be the inventor of the cross guard hilt...... and if ezra invented it? Where did Kylo Ren get one? DUH! Ezra as Supreme Leader Snoke Showed him how to make it.... it was Snoke after all who led Kylo astray... So I put forth to you that Ezra Bridger Fell to the Darkside and became Supreme Leader Snoke..... after all Sheev Palpatine was Darth Sideous.. Anakin Skywalker...Darth Vader....... Count Dooku... Darth Tyrannis... see they all change their names when they fall... So Its totally concieveable that Ezra is Snoke.... to make this theory even more Snarky, what if after his fall... he and Sabine later had a kid, like Anakin and Padme'? and Sabine stashed her away on Jakku? and her name was Rey?

Probably gonna get a lot of hate for this but What do you think?


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