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By now everyone's seen, and/or had their newsfeed clogged, by the new Suicide Squad trailer. And if you've been living under a rock, here it is in all it's amazing glory:

This new trailer has restored faith in this very debated adaptation of DC's most beloved bad guys. But there's one thing that a lot of people seem to have a problem with: Where is Harley's goofy and easily recognizable Brooklyn accent? In most renditions of our lovable lunatic, Harley Quinn has a very distinguishing and thick New Yorker accent that really contributes to her cartoonish personality.

Harley originated in Batman: The Animated Series (one of the few characters to not originate from a comic) and was voiced by Arleen Sorkin. In later years, Harley was mainly taken over by voice actress extraordinaire, Tara Strong.

(Yes. Harley and Timmy Turner are the same person.)
(Yes. Harley and Timmy Turner are the same person.)

And now, after many animated series' and video game appearances, Harley Quinn has finally slaughtered her way into live-action. That's right. The brilliant and beautiful Margot Robbie has been given the opportunity to reinvent this legendary character. No pressure, Margot. The casting was praised right from the start (much unlike Jared Leto's controversial Mistah J) and everything seemed like it would go off without a hitch. Then we heard her voice. There is no thick, crazy accent. Children cried. People died. But I promise you. It'll be okay. Breathe.

It's easy to see why fans don't want to let go of the voice that we know and love, because instead of forming our own thoughts of her voice by reading comics, we were immediately given her full character, voice and all, when her character was first introduced. But I can assure you that this is for the best. So why, after all these years, am I telling you that we can let go of "the accent"? Here's why: It's live action. Don't you think that if Margot Robbie strutted out and started talking that voice that were used to, people would find it a bit ridiculous and annoying? The voice is perfect for animation. Absolutely perfect. But that's where it should stay. The purpose of live action adaptations of comics and books are to give new life to characters that we have grown to love; to make these characters human. Well, sort of (Sorry Killer Croc). So why shouldn't our new Harley reinvent herself to be more human and realistic?

Maybe we can get a new Poison Ivy too? Sorry Uma.
Maybe we can get a new Poison Ivy too? Sorry Uma.

I mean, the only thing that matters is that Margot Robbie can bring the crazy. And from what we've seen so far, she definitely can.

Girl's cray-cray.
Girl's cray-cray.

Is it August 5th yet?


Do you think that Harley should have kept her accent in 2016's Suicide Squad?


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