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Controversy of The Oscars nominations has once again brought to light the problem with our society, as some actors have labelled it "subliminal racism" like Dustin Hoffman, or George Clooney saying the Academy is going in the wrong direction. Talent such as, Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith, and Spike Lee are boycotting the awards ceremony looking for a visible, tangible change, and of course the trending social media hashtag "OscarsSoWhite" displays the public's displeasure, as well. Some actors, ones even nominated for Oscars this year, hope this statement leads to more action and progress in the vital effort of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Academy even responded with a statement from their president, Cheryl Boone Isaacs, an African American herself, saying she was disappointed in the lack of diversity in the nominees, while also explaining that there is still work to do in implementing more diverse membership within The Academy's community. Unsurprisingly though, her statement only came after the outpouring of scrutiny. The blame can't be pushed on her. She can't control who the committee votes for, and it seems as though she is trying to open it up and revamp it; however, it is odd and never a good look to produce a statement after vocal public displeasure. It's always better to be proactive in situations like these.

Clearly this is an issue of racial disparity. White privilege once again reared its ugly head. I'm certain, at the very least ,Idris Elba deserved a Best Supporting Actor nod for Beasts of No Nation, a wickedly evil performance, and I'm sure someone else was deserving, as well. That is a societal issue that has trickled down and been exposed. It's going to take some time to extinguish it and extends way beyond who get's their ego stroked from what basically comes down to a paper weight. The societal issues in this Country is a whole other ballgame. That can be discussed in other outlets, for other forums. What I really want to question is the relevance of The Oscars. Is it worth it? What makes it so undeniably prestigious?

Maybe it's time to trash The Oscars as a whole. Obviously, it's not going to just evaporate, but we don't need to seek it's approval or care about as much. After all, film and acting is an art. There are hundreds of films every year with countless great pieces of work from actors, directors, composers, and so forth. People and films are bound to get snubbed. We hear it every year and everyone has their own opinion on it. it's all subjective What is Oscar quality? How is it more special than other awards?

I can't deny having rooting interest for certain actors or films to win their perspective prizes, but why does this award have to be so validating. I know it has illustrious history behind it, but it's process of voters, secrecy, and overall aristocratic image is vastly becoming more and more unappealing. How about we support an award that combines public input, critic input, and professional or peer input. That would feel so much less shady. Maybe something like that already exists, and if it does it's an award everyone should back. It's more comprehensive and gratifying for everyone involved!


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