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Well with the Suicide Squad trailer hitting the web, of course there is a ton of buzz about it: great song in the background, awesome visuals, some kick-ass action scenes, and much much more.

The trailer was very vague as to who the main antagonist is though. Our entire main cast is a team of super-villains, the Joker is in the movie (who looks fantastic by the way) played by Jared Leto.

My reaction to the trailer.
My reaction to the trailer.

Could he be the main villain? Could definitely be the case, I mean this IS the Joker we are talking about here and with Batman appearing in the movie, this definitely is a possibility. But there is also the possibility that the Squad is hunting down the Joker to add him into the squad in order to fight the true villain. Why is this a possibility? Well because this thing popped up in the trailer.

Of course many are going to ask: "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING?!?" And I definitely have some ideas. One is that this is Brainiac's first appearance thus setting him up as a villain for the Justice League and/or future Superman movie. Green energy, the tentacles, and the damage does look like it comes from something alien.

Other names come to mind such as Brother Eye, Metallo, etc. HOWEVER! My theory? It's a villain, a big one. A famous one. One who if it turns out to be him, I will faint in pure joy. Let's look at some other images:

We have these things that the Squad is fighting that look like zombified humans wrapped in some weird tentacles. This could definitely still be Brainiac but when I think of zombified humans wrapped in tentacles?

I think of the alien starfish simply named Starro!

Yeah! Starro the Conquerer, the threat that pretty much brought the Justice League together in the comics. Could the Suicide Squad be fighting this great alien threat? I have no idea but we shall see this august! If they do face Starro, this would probably be the boldest move of DC, even more bold than the entire movie of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Another idea is that maybe it is a combination of both? Perhaps the Joker is using Starro to get what he wants? OR Starro is using the Joker for his own personal gain? Oh the ideas are popping like popcorn...shut up it's the best I could come up with.

What are your thoughts on these ideas? Let me know in the comments down below.


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