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Ok so you may be asking yourself, Moon who? I asked myself the same thing not too long ago, so I casually investigated the one they refer to as 'Mr. Knight' in one of his more recent stories. Marc Spector is in my opinion, one of the most undervalued B-listers Marvel has up there sleeves. An expert detective, roaming the streets of New York primarily to protect travelers of the night. Spector has a few identities in order to fit in whatever case he may be working on, one of them being a millionaire. He has enhanced strength, fighting abilities, endurance, and speed during the lunar cycle as well.

Did I mention? Moon Knight is nuts. Apparently. Often referred to as Marvel's Batman, this characters identities change without his OK at times, leaving him in a constant struggle with reality while he defends those wandering the streets at night.

I see being Moon Knight and his dissociative identity disorder being an awful good fit for Marvel's ever expanding Netflix universe, which of course loosely references the big screen's Avengers at times.

The reason I see this character succeeding on a procedural show like Daredevil or Jessica Jones? As I have previously mentioned, he is gritty as hell. And if the studio went full throttle as they did with Jessica Jones' backstory (no spoilers here!), they need to show how psychologically damaged this antihero is. There is no question; Moon Knight is a good guy. Yet at the same time, the daily fights within his own head and on the unforgiving streets of NYC should be told in the same perspective as the other Netflix shows, not on screen with the Avengers where he would be toned down and probably be placed in a supporting role.

Marc Spector's story has an element of horror, fantasy, all-out psychedelic, and it deserves to be told. I think Marvel fans are looking for that, in one way or another. Share if you agree!


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