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It hit the web by storm overnight. Many news articles, not just MoviePilot, stated that the release of the second Star Wars film in the new Disney trilogy will be postponed seven months back to December, 2016, to compete with James Cameron's Avatar 2, the sequel to the highly acclaimed and highest grossing film of all time, Avatar.

I began to wonder as soon as it hit the web, what was the proof? For hours I rummaged through articles, trying to find any video clip or confirmation by Disney, Kathleen Kennedy, or Rian Johnson, but they were never there. Of course, because there were so many articles, people went with the flow and believed it.

But seriously, where is the proof? And who could've taken the Internet by storm in a few hours? We've been hearing rumours for a week or so that Episode VIII was getting a rewrite, which turned into a major rewrite, and then the rumour came true - well, sort of - I haven't seen the proof, but Rian Johnson had stated that the shooting for the film had been postponed.

I can see why people are believing that Episode 8 has been postponed, because of the massive hit The Force Awakens was so they decided to put it in the same timeframe, and for Johnson's rewrite, but who knows, maybe filming just has to be quicker for its release date?

It makes me wonder, did this person - who made this extremely well done hoax - take advantage of all these semi-confirmed rumours and create something massive? I'm sure I'd be embarrassed if I'm wrong, even worse - this is all true, in which case I'd be extremely disappointed, but if you can't give us a straight up article with Johnson explicitly saying in an interview "WE'VE POSTPONED EPISODE 8 TO DECEMBER" then how can some people believe it's true?

I think you've heard my point, and I hope this makes movie writers on many websites begin to write the proof, because lately, false but very believable articles have been popping up.

So what do you think of the situation? Write it in the comments.


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